my story of survival in vietnam

The year was 1970; the Vietnam War was at its worst and would end in 5 years. I had no military experience and in fact I was a business man owning a couple of gas stations. I had booked a trip from Los Angeles to Korea for vacation. though then it went terribly wrong.


11. the gunfight, americans vs. viet kong

he day after that in the morning with little sunlight, we started our journey to find American soldiers. After a few hours of we heard gun shots, it was not just some gunshots but a gun fight. It came from an ak-47 and an m-16. We knew there were Americans. We waited out the battle and then when there were no more gunshots, we moved in. We saw a couple of Americans and many dead people, the sight was very sad. Though we approached them and said that we were Americans and we figured out that many people had tried to find the people and they concluded that all people died.
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