my story of survival in vietnam

The year was 1970; the Vietnam War was at its worst and would end in 5 years. I had no military experience and in fact I was a business man owning a couple of gas stations. I had booked a trip from Los Angeles to Korea for vacation. though then it went terribly wrong.


4. the americans

We went away we had a 22. Survival gun, some food, some water bottles, and some rope. We were about a mile away from the crash. We knew there were probably more things in the plane to help us survive, but if we would go there we would be taking a big risk of getting caught or falling for a trap if we go there. We decided that we would not. We thought of making a shelter and getting some rest. We got to know each other. Hi I am john I said, I am a business man from Texas. I’m tom from New jersey another said, and I’m a local TV host. I’m matt from Florida and I’m a farmer another said. I’m bill and im a eating contest winner as you notice im a little chubby. I was thinking if we had bill on our team we were in trouble. And finally there was Dominic from Alaska who said “my name is Dominic and I’m not really a people person and if anybody touches me or my stuff, I kill you”. We decided to become the lost Americans.
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