my story of survival in vietnam

The year was 1970; the Vietnam War was at its worst and would end in 5 years. I had no military experience and in fact I was a business man owning a couple of gas stations. I had booked a trip from Los Angeles to Korea for vacation. though then it went terribly wrong.


7. spliting up

I said that we should go fishing in the river nearby. We split up into 2 groups, one went fishing and one went to get some water we could drink. Though Dominick didn’t want any of our food or water so he was in his own group and ate only what he caught. My group was the fishing group. We went down to the river and then we figured out that it would be a good idea to make some fishing poles or something so we found some bamboo and got some natural rope made out of vines that we found. And we tied some sharp pieces onto the vine. We put some dead fish on it we found on the side of the river and tried to fish, and would return in 1 hour or at least that is what we planned.
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