my story of survival in vietnam

The year was 1970; the Vietnam War was at its worst and would end in 5 years. I had no military experience and in fact I was a business man owning a couple of gas stations. I had booked a trip from Los Angeles to Korea for vacation. though then it went terribly wrong.


2. learning of where we were

I heard many birds and I could barely see the sun, I knew I was not in South Korea. I went back and saw how many people survived if there were any. I saw more blood than I could ever have seen. Though I saw that about 4 other people survived. We looked if there were any more survivors but we were all. I knew that we were probably in china or in the area though it took me all of 5 minutes to figure out that we were in the middle of a battle zone. I told everyone else we were probably in china or Vietnam. They knew like me that If we stayed there we would be captured and killed if the jungle did not before they do. They jungle has many disease and poisonous animal that humans have never seen or heard of.
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