my story of survival in vietnam

The year was 1970; the Vietnam War was at its worst and would end in 5 years. I had no military experience and in fact I was a business man owning a couple of gas stations. I had booked a trip from Los Angeles to Korea for vacation. though then it went terribly wrong.


8. captured

Then about 30 minutes into our fishing we had caught 3 fish and then we saw a Vietcong patrol boat. We packed up and started to leave we were starting to leave until Dominick saw a big fish and jumped into the water and then the Vietcong looked right at us and saw us. The Vietcong yelled out “ngừng ngay tại đó bạn người Mỹ” we went back and tried to get there but then there were Vietcong behind us charging at us and then we were captured. We were token right passed our campground and luckily for us 1 hour after we left, so that meant that the other group would have seen us. We walked with the Vietcong and we hoped that they wouldn’t kill us.
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