Murdering One Direction

Zayn Malik"s Unknown Sister Kerry Malik Is Out To Murder The Entire One Direction Fanbase But That's Not The Only Thing She Is Out To Murder. Will She Murder Zayn And The Rest Of The Boys Or Is It Just A Thought In Her Mind. But That's When She Sees How Funny And Cheeky Harry Styles Will She Still Go And Kill The Boys Or Leave Harry To Tell The Rest Of The World?


2. Kerry's Moring

Kerry's POV

I Woke Up To My BVB Alarm Clock And It's A Goth Screamo Band So I Pretty Much Woe To To This:


Yep You Guessed It I'm A Goth One And It Happened When Zayn Left I Was Little Like 11  Now I'm 13 And Goth. Well Better Get Dressed Ok How About This:

Kerry Breakfast Is Ready! Me Mum Shouted. After Zayn Left We Moved To Ireland And Since I'm Pretty Much The Only One In This House That Gets Out I Have A Irish Accent. Ok Mum! I Yell Back.

I Go Down Stairs And In The Kitchen And Eat Me Breakfast And Even Sneak A Beer Or Two. OK Honey Have Fun AT School ! She Said. I Will! OK I Need To Call Zayn And Ask Him If I Can Visit Him In London.  Ring Ring. Hello He Said Hay Zayn It's Kerry Can I Come Visit You And Meet The Rest Of The Boys? I Said SURE!!! YAY!!! Wait Let Me Ask Paul...... HE SAID YES!! Yay I Said Go Tell Mum After School And I Will Pay For A Passport! He Said Tanks Bubby I Said In A Babyish Voice Haha Ok Bye Kerry Bye SUPERMAAAANNNNN. Who Said That?! I Said Louis He Like Superman... Ok Bye Then I Said Bye Kerry He Said Today Is Going To Be A Long Day


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