Murdering One Direction

Zayn Malik"s Unknown Sister Kerry Malik Is Out To Murder The Entire One Direction Fanbase But That's Not The Only Thing She Is Out To Murder. Will She Murder Zayn And The Rest Of The Boys Or Is It Just A Thought In Her Mind. But That's When She Sees How Funny And Cheeky Harry Styles Will She Still Go And Kill The Boys Or Leave Harry To Tell The Rest Of The World?


9. Hey there big bro

Kerry's P.O.V.

" Hey Kerry. I haven't seen you in a while." Zayn said and hugged me. I hugged back but released quickly. " Yeah." I said bored of tis conversation already. I lookd down at the cat at my feet. I really don't like cats. I'm more of a dog person.  " Hey Lexi, Lily." Zayn said and waved at my friends. They waved back and we made our way into the huge mansion. I heard some cheering down the hall so there must be a game on or something.  " Um your room is upstairs and to the left. If you need anything just call me." Zayn said and walked where the noise is coming from. " Come on Lexi and Lil, lets go plan this whole thing out." I said and started up the stairs with them in tow. This might take a while.

Zayn's P.O.V

I walked into the room and sat on the couch next  to Niall. " Hey who was at the door?" Niall asked not taking his eyes off the T.V. " It was Kerry, Lexi, and Lily. I think Kerry is still mad at me." I said. Niall looked at me and tilted his head to the side. " Why would she be mad at you? what did you do?" He asked. " I left her and mum. I think that's why." I stated. " well if you talk to her you can explain why you left. What's the least she could do. It's not like she is going to kill you. maybe she would get so mad she would kill all of us." Niall joked. I chuckled. That is kind of ridiculous.

no one's pov

If only 1D knew what was ahead of them. It won't be a joke later.


HEY PERSONS! I am the co Arthur for murdering 1D. Hope you enjoyed this update. STAY AWESOME!!



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