Murdering One Direction

Zayn Malik"s Unknown Sister Kerry Malik Is Out To Murder The Entire One Direction Fanbase But That's Not The Only Thing She Is Out To Murder. Will She Murder Zayn And The Rest Of The Boys Or Is It Just A Thought In Her Mind. But That's When She Sees How Funny And Cheeky Harry Styles Will She Still Go And Kill The Boys Or Leave Harry To Tell The Rest Of The World?


5. Calling Them

Kerry's Pov

Hey Mum I'm Home! I Shouted As I Ran To The Kitchen. Can Lexi, Lilly, And Me Go Visit Zayn? Well If It's Aright With Paul It's Aright With me. She Said. Yay I'll Go Pack My Bags And Call Them. I Had Always Been Close To Her, So I Call Her Almost Every Night. I Love Lilly My Best friend . She Is A Modal For Hot topic And Really Pretty. Now To Call Them.

L= Lexi Li= Lilly K=Kerry

K= Hey Guys Wanna Come With Me to London And Help Me Kill 1D?

L= Kill Them You Mean Murder Them

Li= Yah She Does She Hates 1D Even Her Brother I Agreed To Help Her When The Time Was Right.

L= Ok I Guess  Will

K= Ok Pack Your Bags We Are Leaving Monday!

Li= Ok Bye Bye!

L= KK Byeee

K= Bye!!

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