Murdering One Direction

Zayn Malik"s Unknown Sister Kerry Malik Is Out To Murder The Entire One Direction Fanbase But That's Not The Only Thing She Is Out To Murder. Will She Murder Zayn And The Rest Of The Boys Or Is It Just A Thought In Her Mind. But That's When She Sees How Funny And Cheeky Harry Styles Will She Still Go And Kill The Boys Or Leave Harry To Tell The Rest Of The World?


4. A/N ( Contest Winners Yay!!!! )

Contest Winners!

Ok So Here Are the Contest Winners!

Zayn: Jessica__Malik ( Jessica or Jess )

Liam: Dosseygirl ( Sadie Or Sade )

Louis: Foxes_Bane : ( Eve Or Eveie  )

Harry: MrsStyles5113 ( Hind  Or Hindie )

Niall: Tomlin$on: ( Sabrina or Sabbie )

Kerry's Best Friend: Cms12 ( Lilly Or Lil )

Kerry's Cousin: Mrs  Mysterygirl  Horan: ( Alexia Or Lexi )   

Ok Cms12's Real Name is Jessica But Zayns Girl Is Named Jessica So I Had To Change The Name Ok Thank you Don't Forget To Fan Me, Put This On Your Favs List, And Like The Book! Ok Bye My Little lions! 



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