Ralph and the Moon


1. Ralph and The Moon

Once again the tasteless wine numbed my feelings, killed my brain and swallowed my blackened soul. 
Deep from across the blue ocean, I remember his eyes, weakening me up, like a dying flower. 
His touch which I used to feel, and beg for, was as a rebirth in the darkest times of the year.
Collecting memories by eye, like a haunted wolf he sneaked through the night, avoiding the pale light of the Moon.
He used to write my name, in his inner hand, to never forget.
“Luna” – He said, “If I’m ever to forget, then never forgive.”
His illness made me see.. See that a monster hides deeply in everyone, trying to break free.
Realizing that he was dying, made him afraid.
Afraid to sleep. Scared of closing his eyes.
Bounded together by pain, we lied awake, counting the stars, promising each other eternal life, beating in the others heart.
His last words to me was “Whom you might ever be, your eyes reminds me of the life I never had..”
“Of the girl I once dreamt to marry, but sadly just in my wicked mind of dreams..”

I remained silent, as I held his hand and a bottle of alcohol in the other. Drowning myself, slowly and without much physical evidence, like a fish trying to breathe air.
Days after Ralphs passing, I died myself. 
May people know that my love for him was true, from my grave stone, which I know says: 

“Might the wolf someday howl, remembering, that the tears of the Moon will never forgive..” 


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