A Life That Seems Unreal

A girl named Alexandra on the edge of suicide.... Whos only hope is five talented boys she has never met and probably never will. Neglected by her parents, constantly worrying about the bills, brother who is accused of murder and worst of all, hopelessly in love. What happens when something in her life finally turns out right? Or more like someone...


2. That Boy.

6 years later..... Things haven't changed in still that depressed girl i was about 6 years ago. Why?? Well you see m brother was found " guilty ." Which doesn't make sense because the person who actually did it is about 6'4 when my brother is barely 5'3 . Also the person who did it weighs about 300 pounds, my brother weighs barely 180. Doesn't make sense right?? Everything has been downhill lately i tried put for cheer but i didnt make it, i fell for a boy who is in drumline and he played me but i should've known and worse thing is he has a girlfriend so he played me and cheated on his girlfriend and i feel alone lately. I have friends but i feel alone. I feel the need to self-harm and kill myself. I feel like doing it because its not like anyone would miss me. But there's something that keeps me going. You see about 2 years ago my friend introduced me to a boyband named One Direction i instantly became a fan! I thought it was a phase but im still here by their side, supporting them no matter what. Because they saved my life, they're the reason i'm still here. And i have hope that i will meet them one day to thank them for EVERYTHING. Lately i've realized that i get all nervous when soneobe mentions Harry, yeah the curly one. Yes i know, i don't even know him. But i just haven't met him yet. Whenever it's right he'll come out of no where and into my life. Hopefully. It's just everything about him. That smile, that hair, those eyes, those dimple, it's THAT BOY.
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