A Life That Seems Unreal

A girl named Alexandra on the edge of suicide.... Whos only hope is five talented boys she has never met and probably never will. Neglected by her parents, constantly worrying about the bills, brother who is accused of murder and worst of all, hopelessly in love. What happens when something in her life finally turns out right? Or more like someone...


1. Scar In My Life

(Alexandra's POV) My mom and i lay on the couch watching tv while my sister was on the phone with her boyfriend. My mom and i were always close we loved to be together we always told each other everything she was my best friend. But that changed in an instant. We heard helicopters with lights as if they were looking for someone then came a knock at our door. It wasnt any knock it was one of those nocks that terrified you like if someone were at the door desperate to kill you. Unfortunately that wasnt my case. The knock was the SWAT at my door they had said they were going to search our house because my brother was a suspect of a murder. They kept us outside in the cold with bright lights as if we were FBI's most wanted. That day was the worst day of my life, my brother was arrested. My mom was too busy and deppresed to ever focus on me she always worried about my brother. I know my brother didn't do it. That night i was left a scar for the rest of my life i lost what i most loved one, my brother. I hope he's proven innocent and is released otherwise i dont know what i will do.
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