A Life That Seems Unreal

A girl named Alexandra on the edge of suicide.... Whos only hope is five talented boys she has never met and probably never will. Neglected by her parents, constantly worrying about the bills, brother who is accused of murder and worst of all, hopelessly in love. What happens when something in her life finally turns out right? Or more like someone...


3. Anxiety Attack!

Today is my brothers court to decide how much time he will serve. My mom thought it would it be nice if i went to show my support. I agreed to. What is the worse thing that can happen? I hear my mom call me letting me know its time to go. As i walk into the court of the city of Los Angeles i can feel the tension and the bad vibes. We sat in the courtroom waiting for my brothers case to come up. As time passed by i started shaking, i was sweating and felt nauseous and dizzy all at the same time. I went outside for some fresh air but i stopped at the staircase just thinking how i could end everything then and there. I wanted to jump, i really did not cause i didnt appreciate life but cause i wanted all the pain to end, all the tears, the self-conciousness, and all the dissapointments. Here i go. I hope my family forgives me, that is if they even care. "What are you doing?!" He yelled with concern "I want it to end!" I managed to get out. "Why? You are so beautiful i dont even know you but you seem so bright with a life ahead of you." "You don't even know me why do you care!?" "I try to help people see that there are goid time throughout life, yes we have bad times but isn't that what makes the great moments great otherwise they'd be like any other.... Now please just come back on this side and i will help you. Please." Maybe he is right maybe i should make my life great and not wait for others to do it for me. I decide to get off the edge and back on the other side as i go back i give him a hug and break down into tears in his arms. I had barely met the guy and i already trusted him with my life which was probably because he saved me. I cleared my blurry eyes. I got a good glimpse of the man who had just saved me. He looked very familiar then it hit me it was him....
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