Back For You

This will be a story that is made up of a series of letter to Alisa's late fiancé. It is a heartbreaking, warming, tear dropping experience of ever feeling Alisa has ever had for Caleb.
"Everyone says he is gone, but he isn't. He isn't because he will always be in my heart.....He will always BE my heart."


2. Our first fight

   Hello Caleb,

  Do you remember our first fight? Our real first fight not the few disagreements we had. I remember it perfectly. We were sitting in the last ten minutes of out last period for the day. We were talking about our favorite bands and you got jealous. I was obsessed with a local band at the time who was our age. I was into that style of music and I did think that one of them was cute. I started getting into fan-girl mode and you started to get mad. We both knew that you could not play an instrument no mater how hard you tried. You were a good singer if you tried but other then that you were really horrible. I was talking about my favorite one named Trent, I was obsessing over his unbelievable cuteness and how good he could play the piano, drums, and guitar. "Why do you like them so much? I mean they aren't that good at all." I was furious when you said that. I was in fan-girl mode, who wouldn't get mad. I started to scream stuff about how they were perfect in every way and you had no right to say anything bad about them. "Well, it's not like you have met them Alisa!" "Yes I have!" "Yeah, so when did you?" "This summer on the 4th of July, when my family went to the water park. They were playing a special and I hung out with them the entire month. I am still friends with them all!" I wasn't lying I had met them and we have never lost touch. They even came to your funeral because you later on became friends with them. You didn't talk to me for a week you were so mad. You thought that I had cheated on you, I didn't. You never have to worry about that.

  The week you started to talk to me again was akward. You forgave me and I forgave you but it was still stiffening. We both got over it after a few days, it wasn't fun. I had no friends because it was exam week and I was one of the smart kids. I would have been able to exempt if it wasn't for my brother being in that car wreck. We all thought he was dead, but he made it. I'm getting so off subject, but I just was lonely. We weren't laughing like normally, we didn't have stupid jokes to tell, we didn't focus on our day just so we could talk about something. We just waited until there was something interesting. We gradually started to talk more. I told you that I loved you that week, if I didn't I don't think we would have talked and eventually broke up. I didn't want that, I love you, I didn't want you to break up with me. I never had told you before because I thought you just liked me. Not love. But you did, I hope you still do, because I still love you.

  I think that I should stop writing now, I have a little hand cramp. That isn't a good excuse, there is no good excuse. I just don't want to over do it I guess. I hope you still love me. I hope you still know that I love you. I am trying so hard. I do it because I know that is what you would want. I'll write you later darling.



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