Styles among students

i've been inlove with harry for 3 years and he just thinks im a goody goody nerd.
hes a bad boy; who is in a gang and beats up girls. i get sick if i miss a day of homework. But i must win him over!


3. party;

Anne told me a little about herself while she Took me to my room. Turns out her and Harry's dad is divorced and her name is Cox now. Harry's dad isn't around anymore that's why she thinks he's so rebellious. She kinda hopes my dad will be like a father figure until we have to go. She doesn't want us to go. She enjoys the company. Her daughter is gone to live with her father; Harry is always gone. She enjoys when the boys come over but they aren't good kids so.... The room was scrapped of things. It only had a dresser, night stand, and a bed. "Gemma took her things but we can buy you what you'd like." "I hear someone in Gemma's room!" Someone yelled. "Niall cut it out." Harry snarled. The door flew open and Niall enfolded me in a hug. "Gemma I missed you." He held me tight. " Niall look again. " Harry rubbed his temples while leaning against the door. Niall looked down at me and stepped away. " oh sorry. " he whimpered. "Aren't you the girl-" "I'll cook and clean for a thanks for board. " I interrupted Niall. "No need. I love to do things for people. Now Niall, Harry lets go give her time in her new room." Once they left I grabbed the land line and called Steve. "Yellooo?" He answered. "It's Dylan." I whispered. "You calling from a pay phone or something?" He asked. "Where were you today, you weren't in school. People say your house was torn down by the storm." Steve went on. Tears welded up in my throat. "Yeah. It's all true. My house is gone." I cried. " oh babe; were are you? We need a Twilight ice cream makeover cry feast." Steve said I heard his car start in the background. "I don't know. It seems rude." "Non sense! Come right over!" Anne spoke from the line down stairs. "Sorry Dylan I didn't mean to pry I needed to call for pizza so I was going to wait then I heard what happened." "It's okay Anne ill get off the phone soon." Steve walked through the door moments before the pizza. "Fooood!" The boys ran down the stairs Niall in the lead. Steve stood shocked. He pulled me to the side. "You live with them now?" Steve asked. All I could do was nod. He was shocked. "Is Liam here?" He asked looking around. "He will be soon. He's staying over." I say. Steve smirked. "Yum." " Steve he has a girlfriend. " Harry said leaning against the wall. "Aw. " Steve pouted. I giggled, "besides aren't you into that new kid in our class?" I asked. It's been about a week. I want to go home I hate it here. I love Anne;don't get me wrong! But Harry,ugh. I sat on the couch when Harry tossed clothes at me "hey!" I snarled ."Get ready. Aren't you going to the party?" He asked. "I wasn't invited." I say. Haylee a senior had turned 19. She wanted was having a big party and invited the gang because well I think she was hoping to get with one of them. "Well I'm taking you; dress sexy, nerd." He snarled. I was confused; why would he take me? I mean I am a nerd no one talks to but I didn't care I jumped at the chance. I ran to the bathroom to change. I put on a tank an jeans. I smiled I looked nice. But not sexy. I frowned. I found a mini skirt and replaced the jeans with it. I put on makeup and pulled off my glasses and put on contacts. Then I walked out. Harry's eyes widened. "dylan?" he questioned



(what harry looks like)


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