Styles among students

i've been inlove with harry for 3 years and he just thinks im a goody goody nerd.
hes a bad boy; who is in a gang and beats up girls. i get sick if i miss a day of homework. But i must win him over!


4. In trouble


I glanced at Harry " yeah?" I asked. He shook his head; as if shaking out all his thoughts. "Nothing never mind. " he says. I grabbed my purse and placed in my glasses; extra makeup; and a few other things. "0kay Harry. I'm ready. " I smile. "Great!" He jumped up. "I texted Steve for you. I told him to come along. " he says and snatches his car keys. 
The house was loud and we couldn't find Steve anywhere. "I'm going to get a drink. Here. " he hands me his phone.
"Call Niall if u find him." I nodded taking the phone. Harry looked skittish tonight. I wonder why. Maybe it was because of Liam.  I heard he was out of town to visit his family in america. And zayn had his appendix out due to them exploding. Maybe Harry is just missing them. 
I wondered out back where people where staying clear. I wonder why. 
I noticed 3 boys roughly fighting. 
I went to back up into the house. I knew this wasn't my place. I feel slightly bad for the boy being beaten; ill get Harry to help. He loves fights! 
I felt something big against my back. "Ah!" I screamed as big arms held me still and covered my mouth. A man/boy a senior appeared from the dark. 
"Dylan!" He smirked "let her go mason." He nodded to the man holding me still.  
I was shaking. Who are these people?
"Dylan. You know me; ken, remember? Do you know him? Steve remember?" He sang-very off key might I add. The yard lights and sprinklers kicked in. Steve! He was being beaten. The sprinklers had the blood poring off his face. "Steve!" I ran to him. 
I pushed one of the boys hurting him "off of him asshole!" I snarled.
I hugged the very bloody limp Steve in my arms. "Aw is Harry's little girlfriend scared for her best friend." Ken smirked. "He wasn't a good member of the gang; he didn't know how to fight every well. " ken shook his head. "What gang he wasn't part of any gang!" I snarled at him. 
"I saw him! I saw him go to Harry's house with the rest of the gang!" He spat at me. Then Niall and Harry burst threw the doors. Harry held a gun; pointing it at ken. Ken stood still. Knowing one move and Harry will shoot. Niall ran to us. "I'll get Steve; Just go with Harry. You need to be safe."
I was confused but followed orders and ran off toward Harry. Harry held the run out toward the guys. "Go to the car." Harry whispered. "But Steve...." I shook my head refusing to go. "They will see you getting away  its like mouse and cat. They'll chase us. Not Steve; Niall will get him to safety." He whispered. He was good at whispering; I barley saw his lips move but heard him clearly. I nodded. "Run." He ordered I rushed toward the car. I saw the guys step forward and Harry's gun clicked. But that was all. I was in the car buckled in. And watching the door Harry ran from the door to the car. He handed me the gun; which I accepted but placed on my lap not wanting to touch.

Harry was on the highway the next second I looked up. 
"What was that?" I asked. Harry glared at me. "Our opposing gang." He answered swiftly. "They think we're dating; because you live with us. And that Steve is a new gang member. They know that Louis our leader is out of town. And cant give us orders. I'm second in command. I understand what they were doing. Pick off the new members then get them to spy on us-" 
"Why me?" I asked 
" I was getting to that." He glared. "Okay so spying on us. Kidnapping you; so I'd get distracted and demand stupid calls. It was a smart plan." He admired. "So tell them were not together. And you don't give a shit about me." 
" they won't believe me. They'll still take you. Fuck" he hissed and dangerously switched lanes.
"Harry watch-" I screamed as a gun went off

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