Styles among students

i've been inlove with harry for 3 years and he just thinks im a goody goody nerd.
hes a bad boy; who is in a gang and beats up girls. i get sick if i miss a day of homework. But i must win him over!


5. "I usually sleep naked"

Harry took a sharp turn into an exit off the highway. "What the hell!" I screamed. I noticed the car that shot at us continuing down the highway since the exit was toooo close and they wouldn't have made it. 
"Fuck." Harry sighed. His car engine was smoking. He pulled over 
"Stay." He ordered  as if I was a puppy 
I watched as he opened the car hood. Smoke covered Harry. "Great!" He coughed. "It's busted. And our tires got shot. " he hissed and came over to my side of the car pulling me out. He pulled me up the highway to the next exit.
We walked the mile to the nearest inn. Which happened to be a a cheap motel.  Harry must have been there before because he said "room 18. Put it on the tab."
Harry showed me up the stairs and to room 18. "Best room they have." He spoke and unlocked the door. 
"Hungry?" He asked as I looked round. It looked like an okay room. It had a king bed a dresser. A couch and tv. In the far conor was a Small kitchen. "Yeah. I'll cook. " I say. He chuckled. "I'll order Dylan. What would u like. Chinese sounds good." He nods. "Yea " I smiled he told me to sit on the couch while he walked over to the motel phone and pressed 1 for outer call then dialed a number "hey! It's styles. I'll have the direction usual" he nodded "tab. Give everyone a good tip"
We ate in silence. I believe Harry thought I was still soaking up the information. "Is Steve okay?" I asked. Harry nodded. "Niall is taking care of him." "Are they safe?" I asked. He nodded. "With Lou's mom. Shes like a nurse. She lives the opposite direction. She left after the Louis thing." He signed. "The crips don't know her." 
"And where are we going?" I asked. 
"To find Lou. I'm only one man I can't take them on. Not all of them. Lou can take them on with me. It's better than nothing." 
I had a feeling Harry was scared and had no clue what to do. So I didn't argue with him. We called it a night and we curled under the covers. He looked uncomfortable. "You okay?"  He shook his head "I can't fall asleep. I usually sleep....naked." He bites his lip 
I rolled my eyes and turned to face the wall. "Go ahead." I say. I really didn't care. I was clothed and it's the natural human body right? I heard clothes hit the floor and I was asleep. 
I woke up before Harry the next morning. I looked over and saw him curled into the pillow looking like a baby. I couldn't help but smile. I shook my head. He's not interested in me. I told myself and got out of bed. He's not into me. Why am I here;why does he wanna protect me?

I decided it was time for fresh air and made my way to the door and opened it, made my way outside. I walked over to a spot of rocks in a circle and sat down on one on of the stones. I watched a few of the cars drive by. One of the drivers shook his head at me. I must look like a hooker. I sigh; I tried to smooth out my hair. But it wouldn't cooperate. I felt a sudden leather jacket on my shoulders. I looked up at Harry. He hands me a rubber band. I knew it would hurt coming out but I was desperate. I tired up my hair and thanked Harry. 
He sat on the rock next to me.
"Hungry?" He asked. 
"Why do you always ask me that?" It seems like that's all he says. 
"I don't know how to talk to a girl." He shrugs. 
" you've talked to the girls at school. Talk to me like you would to them." I say rolling my eyes. 
"Wanna snog?" He asked. I smacked him lightly behind the head. "As I said I don't know how to talk to girls."
We laughed. 
"So. We never really talked at home. Tell me about you." 
"Umm. What do you wanna know?"
He thought for a second. "What happened to your mom?" 
I bit my lip. "My mom.... Well she's a scientist. Her and my dad met on vacation; and fell in love. Mother got pregnant with me and she wanted to abort me. I wasn't in her plans. Dad convinced her to have me. After many fights. I was born 4 months early. They thought/ new I wasn't going to make it. My mom left my dad. I was all he had and I was dying. But some how i live. I have a few lung problems. But other than that I'm good. 
Mother sends us gifts sometimes. Like on my birthday, and Christmas" I say. Harry was listening closely. "Wow." He says. "We don't talk about her much." I laugh. I held my head high and Harry draped an arm over my shoulder. "Sorry."  We heard a loud noise and looked toward the parking lot. I saw a few boys. Pretty big and scary looking slamming their car door. "Gotta go," he snatched my arm and pulled me toward the woods behind the motel. 

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