Styles among students

i've been inlove with harry for 3 years and he just thinks im a goody goody nerd.
hes a bad boy; who is in a gang and beats up girls. i get sick if i miss a day of homework. But i must win him over!


1. I like you;

" hey Harry." I finally mumbled. After 3 years of highschool I
finally got the courage up to talk to the Harry styles. He's a bad boy of the
school. There is plenty of nice boys here. But for some reason girls here are
attracted to Harry and his friends. hookup behind the school; buying drugs from
him just to talk to him. I of course never did such things but I hear about it
all the time. Freshmen year Harry was in my grade his friends was Niall he was
older but just missed cut off date at the school so he was put in the younger
grade they were friends with sophomores; Liam and Zayn. There was a junior,
Louis he was bad. The boys looked like toddlers compared to him he was kicked
out of school his senior year due to sexual acts; selling drugs and fighting. It
was a rumor that he raped  a girl for ordering drugs and her refusing to pay.
Only the guys know the real story. 
Harry looked at me "do I know you" he asked I blushed. "Dylan. We've
been In the same English class for 3 years. " I whispered. "Oh Dylan! Your good
at Poetry. " I smiled sure I understood poetry. But I hated it. " I was
wondering …do you wanna catch a movie Friday?" I blushed. Omg wtf did I just do?
" umm. " my heart skipped a beat he has to say yes that's how the movies go!
"No; I'm not into goody goody nerds." He pats my shoulder and walks off.
 I felt my heart drop. Shit. "Oh Dylan it's okay." My best friend Steve
hugged me. Steve was more of my girlfriend. He's flamboyantly gay sometimes.
Well he is gay but he's not sure if he is the girl or boy in the relationship.
 "You told me to do it!" I cried. " I didn't think he'd be so rude. "
Steve promised "wanna skip? Take a breather behind the school?" Steve asked. I
nodded my first time skipping; at this point I don't care If my English teacher
gets mad; or gives me a detention. I don't want to be in the same room as Harry,
covered in tears.

 We sat on the grass: Steve read me the poetry he had for homework and I
answered the questions. I couldn't help laugh as Steve stumbled on his words,
scrunched his face and cursed. "Thought I heard someone." A senior smirked.
Liam! Oh gosh. "Hello. " Steve smirked. I laughed. " Harry isn't this that
chick. " oh no! 
Harry merged from the darkness. "Yup. What are you doing here Derek? We
have English. You should be there. " " it's Dylan " Steve snapped "and were
skipping." Steve talked for me. "You? Skipping? Maybe I was wrong about you. "
he chucked and walked off to smoke a joint with Liam on the other side of the
 "He was telling Liam about you." Steve through his backpack at me "he
called me Derek!! It's not flattery. " I snapped. "Why don't you talk to him I
stead of having that retarded look on your face the whole time." I blushed.
"Steve that's not fair I've never talked to a guy like them." The bell rung and
me and Steve made our way to the next class while Harry and Liam opened a bottle
of alcohol.


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