Styles among students

i've been inlove with harry for 3 years and he just thinks im a goody goody nerd.
hes a bad boy; who is in a gang and beats up girls. i get sick if i miss a day of homework. But i must win him over!


2. distroy; moving in

I placed my stuff on the couch. "Maxi!" I called my dog ran over to me and
licked my face. I laughed " oh hello Dylan. "Dad said from the kitchen. I
greeted him and we joked around.
"There will be a hurricane tonight. They say we should evacuate" I laughed
dad would never leave his home for a silly storm.

I woke up screaming. I looked up at the windy sky. Wtf? Were is my roof.
"Dylan!" My dad yelled for me. Then I was knocked out my a lamp that flew across
the room and smacked me in the head.

I woke up in the hospital. "She's good to go when she wakes. " the doctor
says and leaves the room. "Damn. " he mumbled. " dad? " I asked. " Dylan. " he
kissed my head. " your fine. Your wrist is broken though; your head is fine. "
he hugged me tight. " our house?" I asked looking up at him hopeful. Dad had
tears in his eyes "were homeless." He whispered. "And maxi?" He gulped "I'm
sorry. "
"My friend is letting us stay with her and her 2 kids." Dad explained after
we had gotten new clothes, and etc. "That's nice. " I laughed.

Dad knocked on the door and a pretty lady answered. " James, Dylan come
in!" She shouted. I laughed she was very nice. We chatted for a while. I
promised her I'd get a job so I wouldn't depend on her. She said it was nothing.
Her daughter was attending college with her ex. So she has extra room. Ill stay
in her room while dad slept in the couch. We heard the door open and ms. Styles
got up and snarled. "Harold school ended 3 hours ago I told you about the
careless family this morning and you said you'd be home to welcome them. Were
you with Louis!?" She snarled. Harold? I gasped. I turned to see.… Harry.
"What's she doing here?" Harry snapped at his mother. "She's our guest. She
lives with us Harry. Dylan I'm sorry about him." She whispered and patted my arm
while she rushed to her son. " you couldn't even take out those piercing? Harry
you know how I feel about them!"
Harry allowed his mom to rant and yell while he just stood these Watching me.
He whispered something to his mom. I would of caught it. But since the storm the
wind did shit to my ears and I haven't recovered. My dad and his mom stared at
me in shock. "You asked him out?" Dad asked. I wanted to play this cool. My dad
is going to flip. "No. I haven't talked to Harry. Like ever. Maybe only in
English because we have that class together." I say picking at the grapes that
were supplied. Harry scoffed at me. "Besides dad. You know I like Steve's older
brother. " I lied. "The officer?" Dad and Harry asked. Harry growled. "Yeah.
He's a cop and cool; and blonde tattoo less and cute." I smirked Harry gave me a
look and I rolled eyes. If dad knew I actually liked Harry he would make me move
to his sisters house. He wouldn't let me go to school with gang members let
alone live with one when I have a huge crush on him. "Let's put this,
misunderstanding" she shot Harry a look " and I'll order pizza for dinner." She
smiled brightly.

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