I Didn't Mean It

Samantha Rose was your ordinary 17 year old. When she starts junior high school year, her best friend, Harry Styles became her bully. He changed and became part of a bad boy gang. But when she tries avoid him, he comes to his senses. Will they ever talk again or even fall in love?


7. Old Memories

We went into her room. Still the same. Purple walls. Bamboo flooring. Pictures of London, and. WHAT! She has One Direction poster up?! I was confused. I thought she hated me.

"Umm, Sam? Why do you have a poster of me and my band on the wall?"

Her face went red. "Ohh sorry. I kind of like you guys and your music. it so soothing."

"Wow." I smiled. "who's your favorite."

SHe looked down. "You." She said above whisper but i still heard her. I smiled again and hugged her. She was shocked but hugged back any way. I pulled away. "These curls get the girls. Dont forget!" I said while holding my curls up. She giggled. I missed her giggle.

"Alright well, heres what i wanted to show you." SHe kneeled down and pulled out a box from under her bed. I sat down beside her. She took a deep breath then opened the box. Oh My God! She kept all the pictures and memories we had together. Up until now. She pulled out a picture of us when we were 13. We were at a party at a friends and we just talked and took silly pictures.

"Remember this?" She smiling.

I looked at her. "How could i not forget!"

She smiled uncontrollably. She then pulled out a card. It was a pink heart-shaped one from me to her. She opened it and read it out loud. It read,


Dear Sammy Bear,

Through our lives, We have been close. I dont know how close we can be now.

Your are my best friend, my life, and my Sammy.

Forever and Always,

Har Bear 


She had tears in her eyes. She looked at me. I hugged her. "Im sorry" i whispered.


She looked up. "Forever and Always?" I asked. She nodded. "Forever and Always." 

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