I Didn't Mean It

Samantha Rose was your ordinary 17 year old. When she starts junior high school year, her best friend, Harry Styles became her bully. He changed and became part of a bad boy gang. But when she tries avoid him, he comes to his senses. Will they ever talk again or even fall in love?


5. "I'll Protect You"

Apparently we fell asleep because i woke up at 6 am. I was on the couch and Harry wasn't there. I got up and saw Harry on his phone. Probably on twitter or something. He looked up and smiled. "Good morning, beautiful!" I smiled back. "Morning." I wasnt in the mood to go to school and think he realized. "I'll protect you." I didn't really catch what he said. "I'll protect you." He got up and walked over to me. Only a few inches away from me. "Okay." i half smiled. He then kissed me. It wasnt rough, it was soft. making me want to kiss him more. He smiled in the kiss and so dis i. He pulled away. "Samantha, I love you. i always have. Please let me protect you. I nodded.

We walked to school and i was nervous I had to admit. Harry grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight knowing i was nervous. But im nervous every day. He doesnt know i leave the house with fear everyday. I walked to my locker. and his is across the hall. great. My other bully, Zayn Malik, comes up.

"Well hey there."

"Zayn, I dont want to be messed with today, please."

"Too bad." He smiled evilly and tried to kick me in the stomach but Harry punched him in the eye. I was so shocked. I ran out to the court yard where nobody was and cried. Harry came out and rubbed my back. "I'm sorry, Sam." I just hugged him. He hugged back. 


All the classes were boring. But then came lunch. I was at my locker alone and i felt someone watching me. i started to walk but i got pushed up the wall in the girls bathroom. i cried in pain. i looked up and it was Zayn. "you think i would stay away from you bitch? Pretty boy is not going to stay away fromyou this time. he started to take off his clothes and he started to kiss me but i didn't kiss back. he slapped me. "Kiss back,slut!" 

"Get off of her!" I hear an angry voice say.

"Or What!"

Just then Harry pushed him off of me and beat him up. i was to scared to move half naked. Harry picked me up and ran to his car as fast as he could. the next i knew we were at my house. he put me on my couch.



he ran over to me. "whats wrong?"

"thank you!" i yelled and cried as i hugged him.

He then said, "I will always protect you."



Hey guys! im sorry its been like 50 billion years since i updated! But i have also been writing on Wattpad. So, if you have one, then my work is called 'My crush is my bully'. so yeah. Comment and favorite!

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