I Didn't Mean It

Samantha Rose was your ordinary 17 year old. When she starts junior high school year, her best friend, Harry Styles became her bully. He changed and became part of a bad boy gang. But when she tries avoid him, he comes to his senses. Will they ever talk again or even fall in love?


10. I Love You

Okay first, I am so sorry! You guys probably hate me! But there has been drama in my life. My mom got me tickets to One Direction concert in Kansas City on July 19. So tell me if your going to that concert on that night. If so what row because im on row 14 and if your on the same rwo then we can cry and fangirl together! xD Anyways back to the story! 


Harry's P.O.V:

I decided to answer. "What Sam?"

"Harry.... Um I-- I lo-o-ve You." I dropped the phone and ran to her house.


Sam's P.O.V

I heard the phone drop. I think I did something wrong. I shouldn't have told him. "Harry?"  I hung up and sat on the couch worried. what if he comes over and hurt me? So many thought were running through my mind. I jumped what seemed like 6 feet in the air when i heard Harry open the door with force and i blurted it out. My signature saying, " Please don't hurt me!" As i curled up in a ball.

Harry' POV:

When i heard her say that i broke down inside. Ive done sso much damage to her. I slowly walked over to her. She flinched. I took her in my arms. I love you too was all i said.




Hey guys this was really really short. shortest chapter ever.  but ill update tomorrow while im in Columbia visiting my grandpa! Love you guys!


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