I Didn't Mean It

Samantha Rose was your ordinary 17 year old. When she starts junior high school year, her best friend, Harry Styles became her bully. He changed and became part of a bad boy gang. But when she tries avoid him, he comes to his senses. Will they ever talk again or even fall in love?


4. How I Feel

I suddenly heard a knock on my door. I went downstairs and opened the door. Harry. "What are you doing here!?" I said in a low harsh voice. He saw that my knees were bleeding and i had mud and grass stains on my clothes. He instantly started crying. "I'm so sorry, Sam!" I was looking at how bad he felt. "I just wanted to fit in." "You fit in just fine when you were my best friend! All the girls were all over you but now scared of you. Even me! I'm even scared to go near Niall." "Sam, i'm so sorry!!" He hugged me. we both collapsed on the floor while i cried into his chest. "I'll never leave you again." I actually believed his words. 

He cleaned up my cuts and i took a shower and put on my Sponge-Bob pants and one of my Aero shirts. I went downstairs and saw Harry crying at what he'd done. "Harry, please quit beating yourself up." "I've already done it to you. I deserve to get beat up." I sat down by him. He looked up and i saw the boy i never wanted to see. He had red and puffy eyes. "I need to tell you something." I nodded in agreement. "I've always loved you. Not as a best friend. More than one. And i'm more than sorry of what i've done." I was too shocked,i kissed him. I pulled away slowly. "I love you too." That there, is how i feel.



Cliffhanger! I know, i left you guys hanging. i'll post at least one more chapter tonight don't worry!


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