I Didn't Mean It

Samantha Rose was your ordinary 17 year old. When she starts junior high school year, her best friend, Harry Styles became her bully. He changed and became part of a bad boy gang. But when she tries avoid him, he comes to his senses. Will they ever talk again or even fall in love?


1. First Day, First Fright

Samantha's P.O.V


I woke up at 6:25 am with the sun glaring down on me. I got up, brushed my teeth, got in the shower, and washed my face. I got dressed into black skinny jeans, a pink v-neck, and my pink converse. I dried my hair and curled it. I grabbed my Aero bookbag and started to walk to school. I see my best friends, Harry, Louis, Niall. I walk up to them. "Hey guys." They ignore me. "Guys... what's up?" "Uhh, why don't you go away." Louis says. "Why are you acting this way." Just then i see my abusive, jerkface ex-boyfriend, Jason, walk up and does a handshake with all three of them. 

"Well hey there slut!" Jason says to me. "Jason, what are you doing here?" "I'm here with my friends." I started crying and ran the rest of the way to school.

I can't believe them. Louis and Niall i could see coming. But Harry was the only one there for me. Well thats over. I went to my locker with tears running down my face. Everybody stared but i didn't care. I opened my locker and got my books. The bell rang and i was the only one in the hallways. Just then, i felt four strong arms pull me into the janitors closet. "What the hell?!" I yelled and then i saw them. Jason, and Harry.



Hey guys! sorry it's short but hope you like it! 

Instagram: the_mrs_stylinson_3

Twitter: @JessicaZurb



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