New girl. - A Justin Bieber fanfic.

Eloise is turning 17 soon.
she has just moved to a new school.
She was bullied previously so she finds it easier to push people away.
She only focus' on Studying and revising.
But will that change when Justin Bieber gets caught up in everything?


32. We need to talk

"Hey babe" i turned my head towards Trey who was walking over before he softly kissed me.

Truth was i loved Trey but i couldn't get over Justin, he was on my mind constantly i wonder what he is doing, who he is seeing, if he still sits and watchs the same films over and over like we used to. Truth was i still loved him. Truth was, i could never have him.

It would never be the same and damn i miss him yes but i prefer the carefree wild life than having to be stuffed into a tourbus then sat on a plane. i would never dump Trey for Justin. It's not right.

My phone rang in my pocket as Trey started saying something. i blanked out.

"Hey! did you hear me?" He asked in a slightly annoyed tone.

"Sorry, what?"

"That guy? Was that Justin Bieber?"

"Yeah why?"

"Why was he talking to you? i mean he is famous and as you walked out he looked pretty hurt.

"Yeah, we had a thing." i muttered under my breath.

"Is thing something to worry about? Does he still love you? Do you still love him? Did you ever love him? Of course you did. I'm sorry for rambling."

"No. i think. No and i did love him yes." i said softly, lieing to him. i do still love him, and with Justin, it is something to worry about.

Trey's P.O.V:

I hate it when she is like this with me, not listening ond staring out of the window.

It means something, or one, is on her mind. "Ok. Because i really don't want to lose you El." I said softly. she put her hand on my thigh and beamed brightly at me. "Don't worry you wont. But i do need to talk to him so i'm going out later." That pissed me off a bit. "But we are supposed to go to dinner." "I know we are but i will just be pre-ocupied with what he wants here anyway so i either get it over with now or i pay no attention." She snapped. "So he comes first huh? Ex before boyfriend? You don't need to know your just being nosey." I snapped back, i really don't want to start an argument but i can't stand her being like this. "And you don't need to be controlling but you still are!" "I am not being controling! I'm just concered that he's going to try something on with you." My voice rose a little as my eyes focused on the road, the clouds got heavy and it was soon pouring with rain. "You are! He isn't going to do anything! and if he did i wouldn't take it you know that! You should trust me!" "I do trust me! infact scratch that, i do feel like YOU are going to try something on with him! Then where would that leave me?" I spat. I didn't mean it. "Oh, For goodness sake! This is pathetic, pull over!" "What?" "You heard me pull over." "What are you going to walk back to yours? Where half way to mine?" i said i pulled over and she slipped out of the door burrying herself in her duffel coat from the back. It was pouring with rain "NO, I'm going to ring Justin and tell him to take me home! Infact hell to it i'll invite him in too!" She  screamed. Ouch that hurt she slammed the door and stalked off down the llong winding road i was about to get up and out but she started running and she is too stuborn to get back into the car.

Justin P.O.V:

All i could do was drive around, it was the only way i could try and clear my head. The drive and the soft patter of rain helped me try and decide what to do. I saw a girl wih sodden black hair running down the street, i could instantly tell it was El. My car came to a stop just infront of her, she stopped and hesitated a little opening the door. She slid in and we drove off, we where silent until she told me her new address. "Come in for a bit if you like?" i followed her in and saw a girl with stricking orange hair which had a lilac dip dye. She was drinking some water before she spat it back out at the sight of me. "Eloise! I know about One Direction but who else have you met?!?" She shouted to her. So she didn't tell her about me. She must be trying to move on.

"Lucy Catchpole, The Script, One Direction and Justin. i briefly met Olly Murs and Robbie Williams... Oh and i met Pink. why?" She just stared at her as she walked into her room and we went into Eloise. I sat on her black covers and looked over at her, she removed her duffel coat to reveal a white tight tank top which made her breasts spill over the top and a pair of tight black jeans. She moved around and found a pair of sweats, walking out of the room then back in 2 minutes later with them on. "Why are you in England?" She asked me as she laid down on the bed beside me, i stayed in my upright position next to her. "I'm touring don't forget." "Oh. Why here though? i thought you would stay somewhere nicer than Barnsley." "Well, it's all about the fact i want to be able to move around without getting noticed as quickly or by so many people. This way i can interact with a fewer bunch of fans at a time. Meaning they get noticed easier as well. Plus Scooter kinda likes this place." "Oh, okay. Urmm... Do you still..."She trailed off looking at her feet not knowing what to say. "Do i still love you? Always will." I said, she looked up at me with concern in her eyes. Did she not love me? "I... I don't know who i have feelings for. Now that you have shown up my feelings and head has been a mess. Me and Trey hve just been fighting and i told him you were coming back to mine, but i didn't mean it yet here you are." Tears tumbled down her cheeks. "Eloise come 'ere" i said softly before wrapping her in my embrce. i lifted her off my chest and cupped my hand under her chin. Our eyes locked and slowly our lips met. The sparks inside me re-ignited as our tounges moved with eachother.

Eloise P.O.V:

I couldn't help it, i wanted the sercurity i have been wanting since he left. The way he holds me,and kiss' me like it's just him and me against the world.

He pulled me onto his lap careful not to break the kiss. My fingers ran through his hair as our lips parted and i stared at him. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that." i said quickly jumping off his lap and onto the side of the bed. After about 5 minutes of awkward silence he finally spoke up. "Let me take you out? You know to dinner or a movie or something. a proper date." He said hesitantly. "ok, when, now?"

Why did i say yes? I have Trey. Oh it's just a date harmless right?

"Yeah, now. Get your jacket and lets go?"

"But, what about Trey, i can't do this to him?"

"Well, lets not say it's a date just two friends hanging out." He suggests and i like his suggestion. i nod my head and pull a jacket on quickly wrapping and pinning my wet hair up.

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