New girl. - A Justin Bieber fanfic.

Eloise is turning 17 soon.
she has just moved to a new school.
She was bullied previously so she finds it easier to push people away.
She only focus' on Studying and revising.
But will that change when Justin Bieber gets caught up in everything?


11. Text message

Lucy P.O.V:

I am going on tour with Justin Bieber. Maybe i should ask Eloise along? Tell her that it will be someone else? But that sounds mean, lying to her.

I was just setting off from my hotel, Starbucks is 10 minutes away. I set off down the streets and got noticed by paparazzi. They pulled and tugged at my short and shirt one piece. "Lucy! Smile!"

"Where are you of too?"

"How are you handling fame?"

"What are you wanting to do?"

"C'mon sexy, pose!"

i pushed my way through but they just built a wall around me so i was trapped, my claustophobia wa kicking in as i started to go dizzy and found it difficult to breath. "Hey C'mon guys, give the girl some space. can't you see she is being troubled by you all. Just go." A thick Irish accent spoke through the hustle and bustle. It was like when moses parted the red sea, suddenly everyone made a path for me to get through. i thanked him and rushed off but he grabbed my hand. "Can't i at least get a name?" He asked innocently, "Lucy, Thank you so much!" "Niall. hey see you soon?" he said after 4 other lads came back with Nandos and started eating it infront of him. i smiled and nodded. he was so cute but the one with a leather jacket, and helmet caught my eye. His jet black hair had a shot if blonde through it and it made him look sexy as hell. He looked at me with his deep brown eyes and smirked at me. i realised how long i had been staring and i walked away swiftly.

I walked in to see Justin but he was sat with someone else, he was crying as she spoke and he looked down at the table. "Just go Selena. It's over." She collected her things angrily and walked out, pushing past me as she went. i patted Justin on the back and ordered two hot chocolates. As i sat back down he was looking angrily at the floor, scuffing his foot against the freshly polished white, marble floor. "Here, i ordered you a hot chocolate with a side serving of smiling." i joked but i knew he wouldn't find it funny, he lifted his head and smiled. "Sooooo, dates, times, rehearsals?" i asked as he handed me a sheet of paper. "this is the time-table it shows you the dates and times for rehearsals, also the venue and when you have to be there." i scanned the sheet taking my time, noting that the first one is back in canada at the nearest areana near our old school.


Justin P.O.V:

i had just got back in from Starbucks with Lucy, she told me she needed to sort something out, so we are meeting again, same place same time. It doesn't mean anything. i just broke up with Selena and Lucy is a friend.

My phone beeped as i recieved a text from an unknown number,

E- Hey. Hows your day going? x El,

J- Well i have just been in tears so, its pretty shit to be fair. the only upside is talking with an old friend. x Wbu?

E- Aww, and for what reason did your tears fall? x

J- The person i thought who would be truthful to me actually wasn't. x

E- Us women can be bitches, MOST of the time. x hehe.

J- I'm sure your not. Anyway i have to go. xx

That was a lie, i needed rest, to get my head around things. You see Lucy told me this 'plan' of hers but it might not work...

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