New girl. - A Justin Bieber fanfic.

Eloise is turning 17 soon.
she has just moved to a new school.
She was bullied previously so she finds it easier to push people away.
She only focus' on Studying and revising.
But will that change when Justin Bieber gets caught up in everything?


9. Re connected.

~~ 6 months later~~

I smiled at Alex as he guided me around the dance floor and dodged the crowd. it's was my 17th birthday party and we were having a ball. Before you say anything me and Alex are just friends, we danced until our feet started aching and i needed air, i stood outside for a minute or two as someone offered me a ciggerette, i denied it but it took strength. Just recently i had an addiction to smoking. i only smoked for two months but it was still bad enough for me to have 30 a day. i'm glad i stopped though, it feels good.


Oh and after what happened with Justin, he got found and sent to Alanta to talk with Scooter Braune and L.A Reid. he is know the world famous Justin Bieber. i do feel bad about that night and i did get a mention a couple of times but he has Selena Gomez know so he is happy and that is good. i suppose.

At 2 o'clock we decided to go home and i just crawled under my duvet not eve bothering to take off my shoes.

I awoke and my hair was matted to my head, i had the same clothes as last night on, a purple crop top and ripped jeans with trainer wedges. All my make-up was smuged down my face and my head was banging so i decided on a nice warm shower to clear my head and wake myself up a little. I stripped and got in the shower, just as my laptop went off, after i came out i padded accross my room and sat, with my towel wrapped around me, at my laptop to see i had one new message.

From- J.Kidrauhl

To- Broken but still smiling

Hey. I'm Jay, i'm 17 and i need to meet knew people.

i tapped out a reply.

From- Broken but still smiling

To- J.Kidrauhl

Hi, my name is El, i am 17. I need cheering up, you up for it?

I went into the bathroom and grabbed my hair dryer, placing it on my bed i changed into a fresh zebra print onsie, and combed my hair.

From- J. Kidrauhl.

Aw. Why? x

From- Broken but still smiling

Banging head ache from my birthday bash last night. Took one too many shots tbf.

From- J. Kidrauhl

Happy birthdat for yesterday. Shots aren't the best of things to drink especially if you aren't as used to it. x

i smiled at his reply.

*J.Kidrauhl is typing*


Why are you broken? If you want to talk i am always here. though i may not say the right thing like i have learned from past experiences... x

From- Broken but still smiling

It's a long story and...

And i don't have the time i need to go. x

From- J.Kidrauhl

I have plenty of time if you feel like telling me whenever you like. x text me?- 9867502334 x

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