New girl. - A Justin Bieber fanfic.

Eloise is turning 17 soon.
she has just moved to a new school.
She was bullied previously so she finds it easier to push people away.
She only focus' on Studying and revising.
But will that change when Justin Bieber gets caught up in everything?


8. Persuasive ways.

Eloise P.O.V:

As we got the planned destination Lucys eyes grew wide with shock. We have just been shopping and i helped her with some outifts. We had our hair done, i know own some rich purple curls, Lucy went electric blue. I opened the doors in front off us and into a little room where a man sat with his clipboard. i dropped our passes infront of him and he let us through a set of brass doors. There  stood the backstage crew.. "Eloise?" Lucy squeled exidtedly causing the main guy with a name tag on him saying Danny to walk up to us. "Hey girls! So glad we could meet you! I love your hair." Danny then guided us to some seats next to a spare set of drums and a guitar.  We were just laughing and laughing, we found every little thing funny. Well what can i say, boost and poptarts do not work well. Loads of people piled in to the audotouriam now as they broke the silence. "Okay so, we will take it in order and Lucy Catchpole is up know. She walked up onto the stage and sat behind the drums she started the beat and i could tell she was ontop of the world as she started head banging along to the song. She will get far! She is such an amazing person and Player.


I was on my laptop revising for my upcoming test when i heard a horn honking outside. i pulled myself up and opened my window wide, to see Justin beaming up at me from the side of his car.

"C'mon beautiful! i need to take you somewhere." i flinched as he said the word 'beauitful' it will always hurt me.

"It's nine and some people want sleep and good grades Justin!" i sighed slightly frustrated.

"Well, i don't care. i will sit here until you decide to come with me." he shouted back up as he sat on the bonnet of his car. i just laughed and flopped into my chair. I turned of my laptop and closed my notebook. i decided to have a break as i have 5 pages of notes already. i heard Justin started singing so sick by Ne-Yo, he was actually really good. I didn't bother with a jacket, thinking it was warm. i opened the door and quickly shut it behind me, i was being as quite as usual, hoping my mum wouldn't hear me. i walked up to him and he pulled me into a bear hug, i pulled away and sat in his car. "We're walking Eloise." i heard Justin say as he opened the door, and guided me out with his hand. he looked at me and he had a twinkle in his eyes, we walked along the grassy edge and through the big city, with all of its lights on and hustle and bustle in the street. "You cold?" he asked as he saw my shiver. i shook my head but he still insisted on me taking his coat.  We walked past everything and to the field that ends the city and starts the countryside views. We reached a blanket which was placed in the middle of the field. Justin sat down and i just looked at him. "Just lay down and look up." i layed my head onto his chest and stared at the stars in the sky. "You look up and see the beauty of them stars. Well that is the beauty i see in you." i whispered softly into my ear. "Justin..." i started but he just placed his finger to my mouth and started shushing me. "I know you have had a horrible experience but i want to make you feel how you should. Beautiful, loved and worthy of the life you have been giving. God gave you this becuase he knew you would pull through and he knew you will eventually feel how you never have before. I have only known you a week but i still feel so compelled to protect you and be with you. Will you please just make my life and be my girlfriend?" He said as his fingers were playing with my hair. I got up and ran, ran away from everything. i reached the house when i realised i had Justins jacket on, i chucked in the corner of the house and ran inside. I wanted to say "Yes" so badly but i still can't trust anyone with my heart again.

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