New girl. - A Justin Bieber fanfic.

Eloise is turning 17 soon.
she has just moved to a new school.
She was bullied previously so she finds it easier to push people away.
She only focus' on Studying and revising.
But will that change when Justin Bieber gets caught up in everything?


1. New girl.

i slammed my hand down on my alarm clock as it started flashing continously and the tune Super bass started blasting out. i dragged myslef lazily out of my bed as i stretched and rubbed my eyes. My eyes set on the big cardboard boxes strewn about the room. I padded downstairs softly to hear the soft hum of the fridge and the ticking coming from the clock, i dragged a brush through my hair to tame my lions mane. I have long blonde hair which ends just under my bum, t is streaked with purple and blue, people are constantly admiring it while i hate it. I want to dye my hair purple but my mother says it will ruin all of my hair and i am not allowed it done. i applied minimal make-up after i finshed brushing my hair. i wlked back up the stairs and looked through all my boxes to find the perfect out fit. i decided on Denim high waisted shorts, skin coloured tights, my white vans top and a leather jacket which has stoods on the collers. i put on my dark blue vans and arranged my bag.  with my bag slung over my shoulder i walked into the kithen and grabbed a nuti-grain bar and a bottle of pepsi. As i was walking to the door i grabbed a plain back beanie and put it on to finish off my outfit.  i walked down the road of my house and into the street. everybody i walked past had there eyes on me. i just kept on walking with my bg banging aainst my knees. i pulled out my phone to see a text from someone named Lucy. i pulled up the message as i started to recal who she is. Back in nursery she and i was inseperable, we did everything together, played with toys, played with paint, ate together and even went to the toilet with eachother.

~ To Eloise. From Lucy.

Hey! so i heard you are coming to canada yes? if we live nearby we can meet again maybe? it would be lovely to see you.

TTYS! ~ Lucy x x x

i just replied with a simple, "Yes sure. Talk later." i progressed through the school gates and into a little building at the side that has a sign saying " Student Office" i opened the doors and walked up to the blonde haired woman who was gleaming at me. "How can i help you?" she smiled. "I'm Eloise Allen. this is my first day and i need timestables and things." she nodded at me and gathered a few sheets of paper. "Here is you times tables. a map and your locker key and number. Also in form you need to tell the teacher to be sat next to Lucy and she will show you around and help you where it is needed." i smiled and said thanks before i walked off to find my room. i had room G67 for form and my locker was 78. As the bell rung i slammed my locker door shut and walked into my from room. Everybody was looking at me pacuiliarly, wondering who i was. "Oh. new exciting. what is your name?" "Eloise." i said as i walked further into the class room. "And would you care to tell us a bit about yourself?" "Nope. not really. i keep myslef to myself. My name is Eloise and you don't need to know anymore." i said and placed myself into the empty seat. Everybody was just looking at me again. "Hi. im Lucy.!" someone beamed at the side of me. i was staring at her for a while as i tried to remember where i had seen them brown eyes from. "Catchpole!" i said aloud by accident. She looked straight at me confused and nodded her head slowly. "Remember me?" i said softly. "Allenz?" Lucy squeaked at me. it was what she called my through nursery as she couldn't say my first name.

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