New girl. - A Justin Bieber fanfic.

Eloise is turning 17 soon.
she has just moved to a new school.
She was bullied previously so she finds it easier to push people away.
She only focus' on Studying and revising.
But will that change when Justin Bieber gets caught up in everything?


15. Nandos!


Thanks! i am really happy at all the favourites and likes! Much appreciated. Okay, so i am going to bring in more of one direction so if you like to be included as a g.f of Louis, Harry or Liam just comment about yourself.:-)



Eloise P.O.V:

We got into my big black van. in the back was spare equiptment.i had a little beanie in there which subsitiutes as a bed. i got this van from my mum and dad for getting straight As. In the back it has a skull theme to it which freaks alot of people out. i pulled out from the curb and we drove to the nearest Nandos. We got in the cue when 5 lads about our age stood behind us, "Lucy" One said with a thick Irish accent. i looked around and checked them out, they had name tags on.

Harry was the cute one with dimples and curly hair.

Liam's the sexy one with a quiff and stubble.

Louis was the one with his swept to the side and toms on.

Niall was the blonde Irish one with Blue, Blue eyes and braces.

and Zayn was the dark one, he had a mysterious look about him, with a flash of blonde through his jet black hair and dark orbs for eyes.

"Hey Niall. Thanks again for the other day." Lucy beamed as i swung back down when me and Zayn made eye- contact i could feel his and another pair of eyes searching my body. i went up to counter and ordered our food. As soon as i got it we went and sat down at a table in the back corner. "Hey come over and sit with us!" Niall shouted, he made sure he kept his, hood up and sunglasses on. they ripped off there name tags and stook them to the table and started freaking and shivering. "Hey, Whats up with you?" Zayn asked me. "I Can not stand stickers, will you please get it away from me?" He picked it up rolled it then threw it into the bin. "Thanks" i said gratefully as i sat down more comfortably. "Okay guys, This is Lucy." i just sat there in the corner as everyone said hi and that. I was a bit offended over the fact that no one thought to ask my name or anything. like i was unimportant. even Lucy felt the need to talk to all the lads. i was sat next to Zayn and across from Liam. "So, name?" Liam asked me as he shoved food into his mouth. "Eloise." i answered quickly. "Eloise? That is actually a cool name. But you mind if i call you el, eloise is a bit off a mouth full." Zayn asked me, looking deep into my eyes.

Zayn P.O.V:

She was actually beautiful, her purple hair was tumbling down her shoulders and he clothes showed her as a laid back girl who wasn't really bothered on what you thought of her.

"So, Name?" Liam asked

"Eloise" she answered quitely.

"Eloise? That is actually a cool name. But you mind if i call you el." i asked her looking deep into her beautiful blue eyes.

She nodded at me then she got a text from 'Jay xox' All my hopes fell as she smiled at her lap. A girl like her would have a boyfriend wouldn't she.

The text read:

So in 3 weeks. Meet me at the fountiain just outside the oceania arena? Can't wait to meet you El. You are never off my mind. x<3x

So, this means she was single but i only had a limited time to win her over.

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