New girl. - A Justin Bieber fanfic.

Eloise is turning 17 soon.
she has just moved to a new school.
She was bullied previously so she finds it easier to push people away.
She only focus' on Studying and revising.
But will that change when Justin Bieber gets caught up in everything?


14. Messing around.

Lucy P.O.V:

When i heard the horn outside i  jumped off of my bed and ran outside to help Eloise. She had with her 3 suitcases and her own backpack.i was so glad she was wearing joggers like me. I helped her carry her things in and placed them onto the bed. "I'll help you unpack." Lucy said smiling as she unzipped my suitcase and pulled out my jean collection. "Wow! how many jeans do you have." Lucy asked amazed. i laughed at he, "I only own 15 pairs! Look at my t-shirt collection." i said as i grabbed all 30 of my t-shirts and placed them into two draws. After we had finished unpacking i took a good long look around my new room. It had a blue theme to it with a beautiful teal colour on the walls and a dark blue for the curtains, all the furniture was matching and wooden, with a clock clicking in one corner and a 4 poster bed in the middle with a deep turqoiuse, silky duvet and pillow type. "Thank you Lucy!" i said again and again. We walked into the room with my guitar and wrting book in my hand. "i have this so far but it might be shit?"


So all this has come into place

everything chucked right back in my face.

My mind has changed...

it can't be forced...

Open you eyes and see the blame is not on me

You did this,

You messed it all up.

i stopped strumming as Lucy clapped. "So then after that, i kick in with drums like this." she hit each drum at least once and it sounded really good. okay so if you carry that on for 3 beats then we go into a more relaxed sort of beat. Like this" i replied and strted strumming indidcating for Lucy to do something like it. She mimicked it first and thought it through before she finally hit the drum. It sounded really good if i do say so myself. We stopped playing and started writing, once we had it all pulled together Lucy got up and went to the toilet, i grabbed my phone and hit the record button just before Lucy came in. okay so, lets play. We finished the song perfectly and hugged i grabbed my phone and stopped the recording. i searched through my options until i saw the youtube button.

"Lucy Catchpole and Eloise Allen! Own song, You!" is know fully uploaded. "Lucy! how would you feel if i told you i had that last preformance  on record?" She whipped her head around too me with her drumsticks in her hand. "What have you done?" i smiled sheepishly "Youtubed it..." to my surprise she just shrugged at me. "Good, publicity for us both. You will get noticed just like me babe i promise." She said half in reality, half in a daydream. "We should go out for dinner? To nandos?" she nodded at me, "Just get dressed?" she asked me, i shuffled back into my room and pulled on a lonsdale jumper and leggings. i let my hair loose not even bothering to brush it and put on some fila high tops.

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