New girl. - A Justin Bieber fanfic.

Eloise is turning 17 soon.
she has just moved to a new school.
She was bullied previously so she finds it easier to push people away.
She only focus' on Studying and revising.
But will that change when Justin Bieber gets caught up in everything?


25. Meeting Julia

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Justin P.O.V:

I walked back into Eloise room just as she fell backwards onto the bed i ran over and helped her sit up. "Justin?" She mumbled at me her eyes fluttering. "Eloise it's okay, just stand up." "What just happened?" "I'm guessing you wasn't used to standing up, nothing really happened you just fell back onto the bed." She took my arm and hooked it to her side, she heaved herself up as i steadied her. The doctor came into the room studying his clipboard closely. "So, you can go!" he started "Your head may hurt a little but you can just take some antibiotics and that will sort it out. You will have to come through to the hospital in about 2 to 3 weeks.

~~ On the tour bus~~

I watched as Eloise got out her phone and dialled a number. "You want to see me?" i heard her say. i walked out of her tour bus and walked into mine. i did the last few shows, it isn't fine letting my beliebers down like that. i walked into my room where all the crew was waiting, i pulled on a pair of blue low slung trousers and a white vest. i pulled my cross chain over my neck as Eloise walked through the door. "Urm, hey could you really quickly drive me to Starbucks please?" She gave me the puppy dog eyes and stuck her bottom lip out. She looked so cute and i found it hard to say no. "Ok. Lucy has just gone on hasn't she? So get in the car E" I laughed at her. She was wearing a pair of converse with black skinnies a grey floaty top and a biker jacket with spikes on the cuffs and shoudlers. She stared out of the window for ages, her face laced with concern. She seemed scared about something. I pulled up just outside of starbucks, i put my hand on her thigh. "Baby, Why are you so concerned?" "Well, it's just i'm seeing my dad and i haven't in 3 years because we don't get on and i don't really like him that much." i nodded my head, i didn't know what and how she felt because me and my dad are really close. "Don't be scared Eloise, just imagine that i am in there with you" She looked at me and a smile spread across her face. "Thanks Justin... i..." She trailed off as her smile fell and her head drooped. "I love you to Eloise" I said smiling.

Eloise P.O.V:

I walked through the doors and into the noisy room, with the coolness of the room hitting me i saw my dad sat at a tabe with a woman. "Really Gareth? I don't see you in goodness knows how long and you still feel it neseciry to bring your bird? I'm out." I turned as he began to speak. "She isn't my bird! It's your sister, Julia." I sat down in a seat, confused she looked a little younger than me, about two or three years my junior. "How Gareth?" "Well, when i was with your mum i... well... basically i cheated on her, with Julia's mother, and she fell pregnant but i haven't known for long." "Oh, well Hi." I said to her. I inspected her more closely, her long brown hair stopped at her waist with her emerald green eyes shining brightly. She looked at me and smiled, "Hi" she said. "So Gareth, is that all you brought me here for?" "Well, i did want to get to know my little girl again but you have just been sarcy and horrible all night. Oh and it is DAD not Gareth dad." I got up collected my things flung my bag over my shoulder. "I will call you dad when you start acting like one and treating me like a daughter instead of dropping me as soon as Mum left you! Oh and you suddenly need to get to know your 'little girl' after leaving me for three years? Well you have Julia for that so bye." I pushed the door and looked at Both Julia's and his faces. He looked gob-smacked but not as surprised as Julia did, her eyes where wide with not just shoc but amazement. I suppose i don't like shouting and being such a bitch to my dad but he just angers me so much.



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