New girl. - A Justin Bieber fanfic.

Eloise is turning 17 soon.
she has just moved to a new school.
She was bullied previously so she finds it easier to push people away.
She only focus' on Studying and revising.
But will that change when Justin Bieber gets caught up in everything?


26. Is love the word to use?

Lucy P.O.V:

I stumbled out of bed and looked at the clock. "12:30" SHIT! The lads will be here soon, i walked into the joint living room and kitchen, i picked up the brush from the circular table and ran  it through my hair, i turned on my straighteners and walked back into my room, i picked out my outfit of light blue skinnies and a rolling stones crop top. it showed off my belly button piercing brilliantly.  I straightened my hair then put my blue flower clip in. The door opened and i heard footsteps. Niall walked into the room and hugged me. "Lucy... i need to talk to you about something." He said looking straight in my eyes. "LOUIS!!" i heard Harry shriek outside, the door flung open and Louis ran in and hid behind me. "Lucy... hide me..." "Oh yeah Lou just hide behind my fat arse you'll get lost." i joked with him as Harry walked in with a white face and white speckles in his hair. "Louis what did you do to Harry?" I asked him as he coward behind me. "I popped a flour balloon over his head" He laughed as Louis ran. for about 5 minutes they where chasing each other around the bus and when Harry finally got Louis they where laughing too much too much to do anything. "Harry you can take a shower if you like." i said to him as he got up from the floor and walked into the bathroom. 

Naill P.O.V:

I really need to talk to Lucy but i don't know how. I need to talk to someone and who better than my bestfriend. I can't really talk to the lads about this, well i can Liam but he isn't around as much anymore. Harry walked into the room in just a towel, as he walked forward Louis went behind him and tugged his towel off. Louis stopped laughing when he realized that he had boxers on. "I knew you would do that!" Harry laughed. As he dived for Lou, they where in a heap again so me and Lucy just zoned out talking. We heard two giggles coming from the door as it swung open. Eloise walked in with a girl with longish brown hair and green eyes, she looked about two years younger than Eloise, 16 maybe? "Oh, hey guys! didn't think you would be coming over today!" louis and Harry stopped fighting and started staring at Eloise and the Brunette. "Well, seen as we are leaving Canada later i figured they may aswell come over." Lucy spoke up. "Okay, i don't mind but Julia you don't do you?" "I don't mind spending time with one direction i mean c'mon One Direction for crying out loud!" We all chuckled at Julia. They came over and sat on the couch next to me and Zayn. "Lucy, i really need to talk to you." I said as i turned to face her. "Okay." She beamed. "Outside?" We got up and left as everyone started talking to Julia. "So, Lucy. You're my bestfriend so i need advice. How do you tell somone you think you love them?" i asked shyly. "Well, it depends who we are talking about. I mean if it was me being able to just say it to my face is enough." "Okay, thanks" i started rubbing the back of my neck and looked at the floor. "Well... You going to tell me who it is?" Lucy asked me looking at me contently. "Lucy... i think i may be in love with my best friend..."

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