New girl. - A Justin Bieber fanfic.

Eloise is turning 17 soon.
she has just moved to a new school.
She was bullied previously so she finds it easier to push people away.
She only focus' on Studying and revising.
But will that change when Justin Bieber gets caught up in everything?


36. Eloise's farewell.

No-ones P.O.V:

Justin was laid in his hospital bed, crying. His heart and head pounding his whole body aching and shaking. He didn't know what to do with himself. Because he was the reason Eloise died, and he hated himself for that.

After the accident the news spread quickly all the beliebers where sending RIP's to the girl they once wished death upon.

Izzi's P.O.V (Eloise's mum)

When i heard the news that my baby was in a car accident all the way over in England. i got the first flight and practiaclly ran out of the airport and too the hospital which was 10 miles away.

But, when i got into the hospital only to be told that my little angel had died. My only child gone.

I broke down in the middle of the hospital room, not knowing what to do with myself i just collapsed onto the floor.

As i dragged myself over to Eloise' body i looked at her unrecogisable features. It doesn't look like my Eloise, she looks different. Her perfect face was now covered with scratches, gashes and bruises. Her beautiful blonde locks dyed Black and green with a crusty edge of brown from the blood. All down her arm tattoos covered her, where he cuts once where was a tattoo but she still had shards of glass stuck in them, cuts and bruises covered the tattoos.

I pulled up a chair and grabbed her hand, sobbing into her stomach on which my head rested. "Eloise... you can't... you can't be gone. Please?"


When i woke up i was in my bed, my eyes where poofy and my cheeks red.


I need to tell Lucy.

I picked up my phone but all the screen seemed to blurr.

No mother should ever go through the process of losing there child at such a younger and tender age.

"He...Hello." She seemed chocked and like she had just been crying. Wait. When did i diall?


"Yes, who's this?"

"It's Izzi. i need to tell you something..." I took a deep breathe not knowing how to say it.

"It's Eloise, she.. urm... she died earlier." I blurted out.

"I know" She spoke down the line softly. "I've just seen the news."

"Its on the news already?! Well, i'm sorry you had to find out that way. Will you help me plan her funeral?" I asked her.

"Of course i will Miss' Allen!"

"Come around to my hotel room?"


3 Weeks later.

No-ones. P.O.V:

Everyone was starting to leave there houses and step into the awaiting sleek black cars.

As everyone started arriving the three sleek black cars drove through the big black gates. As it pulled to a stop outside the building everyone took a step back. Izzy and Gaz stepped out first, slowly followed by Darren. Soon all her family members had stepped out of the cars. Slowly to boot to the very first car opened. Inside laid a brown simple coffin with flowers, ontop and around. The flowers added a burst of colour and life to the coffin. 4 men carried the coffin inside the building and placed it down onto the table with a black cloth laid over it. As everybody filled the seats, most important nearer the front to friends and distant relatives towards the back.

As the Vicar started speaking, he re-told some of Eloise's funny life stories, he qouted her and made her last memories last in everyones mind. Tears where streaming down the faces of most of the people inside the building and the rest where left fighting tears from the never forgotten girl who lay lieing in the coffin a few feat away from them.

The atmosphere in the room was thick and clouded. Laced with doubt.

Everybody walked up to the coffin saying one last good bye before leaving the small church room. The coffin was took away. Her ashes were going to sent at a later date.

After the ceramony everybody went to a little pub around the corner from where Eloise spent the last few months of her life.

Everyone was talking and laughing, trying not to just sit and cry.

Justin was sat on his own. Unsure on how to react. His guilt waying heavily on him. He had to go to court. But he didn't care because no amount of hard work and harsh living conditions faced him. He knew that she would always be with him somehow.


It was hard for everyone. Throughout the week after her death all Izzi got was "i'm so sorry for your loss." "She will be greatly missed." "It wasn't fair for her to be taken in such a way." Just making the pain more unbearable for Gaz and Izzy.


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