New girl. - A Justin Bieber fanfic.

Eloise is turning 17 soon.
she has just moved to a new school.
She was bullied previously so she finds it easier to push people away.
She only focus' on Studying and revising.
But will that change when Justin Bieber gets caught up in everything?


31. Don't you understand?

I walked down the stairs from my flat and into my black Aston Martin DB9 Volante.

I pulled into the cute little coffee shop tucked away from everything.

With my arpon and hair net on. i started serving people and making sandwhiches.


And thats when i saw him, he obviously didn't notice me when he first sat at his table he glanced over my way and waved in a slightly rude manner. His eyes were hidden with black sunglasses, his bags clearly visible and his eyes droopy under the thick rim. I pulled off my gloves after setting the sandwhich on a plate. i walked up to one table and served them first.

Why did i chose to take the shift where i was on my own again?

i groaned and got a funny look from the women i was serving. i looked back at Justin who was becoming impatient and starting to click his fingers. He was alone, which is good.

Justin's P.O.V:

As i walked in  i saw the women behind the till look at me, i could feel her eyes on me when i sat at the table, she saw me wave but continued to do other things.

I was growing impatient and clicked my fingers as she snapped her head at me giving me a dirty look. What was with her? She groaned aloud, probably at me.

I can't help acting this way, i just feel the pressure on my shoulders. With TMZ, the weed i was caught smoking. I didn't enjoy the stuff that much but it helped me relax. The paparazzi. And Eloise. All of it just placed this depressive state upon me.

She walked over hesitantly hiding her face under her jet black curls with a green dip dye, her eye liner thick on her eyes and her eyes dark brown. Her eyebrow, nose and lip pierced. Her face was all to familiar and her Canadian accent. "Eloise." i spoke softly in a half questioning, half factual manner. She looked at me with shock in her eye. "It's not that hard to remember you. Think about how much you meant to me." Her eyes turned from shock to hurt and hatred in less than a second. "What enough to chuck everything away over a phone call from my brother? ha." She stalked off as her eyes didnt meet mine.

I got up from the table and walked out without ordering the drink i had been dying for.

Why was she in england?

Why was her hair black and green?

Why was she wearing contacts?

Why did she have piercings?

Why has she changed her appearance?

I had to ask her, talk to her at least.

I walked up to the till. "What now Justin?" She asked me. "Why are you in England?" She glared at me? "You really don't know? everything reminded me of what we have." My hopes were high, 'what we have.' "I mean had." She quickly adds and looks down at her hands. "Why have you changed? The new hair style and colours, the piercings, the contacts, the make-up. i don't understand." "After the tweet you sent i had loads of threats saying they will find me and kill me, i was so scared. Also that i didn't want to be talking to random people in the street about what happened. Plus i have always wanted to have these done." She spoke softly so basically i was to blame for her moving away and new look. "Eli! Shifts over." Someone shouted at her.

I saw the sleeve that was covered by the long sleeved apron. All the previous cuts on her arm were covered by a sleeve of roses with thorns wrapped around. "I got this to show that to uncover my beauty you have to be weary of my hard shell." She looked up to study my face as my eyes hit the floor. "I know you do't want to hear and you probably don't care but, i'm sorry and i will always love you." "Well, that isn't what you said is it?" She said with an edge in her voice. i hate it when she is like this.

The door swung open causing the windchimes to rattle gently in the wind. "Hey baby." He said walking over to Eloise and kissing her softly. "Hey, Trey."

i felt like i had been punched repeatedly in the stomach, knowing that she was happy with someone and that someone wasn't me was overwhelming.

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