New girl. - A Justin Bieber fanfic.

Eloise is turning 17 soon.
she has just moved to a new school.
She was bullied previously so she finds it easier to push people away.
She only focus' on Studying and revising.
But will that change when Justin Bieber gets caught up in everything?


5. Confession. ~ I am broken~

~ Later that night~

i was sat on my bed still wondering what i had done to make Eloise react like that. As i rolled over onto my stomach i scrolle through my contacts trying to find Ryans number, when i saw an added contact. 'Sexy Thang' it was listed. i knew it was Eloise so i decided to reasure her that i hadn't meant to hurt her or whatever.

Me; Hey Eloise, look i don't know what was up earlier but i hope i haven't hurt you or anything like that. xx

El: It's... I just find it unusual to be told that i am 'beautiful'.

Me; Want to talk about it? Ring me if you like. xx

El: Urm. well yes okay. ring me... x

i waited for a minute or two as to not seem desperate

After three rings she picked up.

"You're on speaker. i'm with Lucy." she spoke softly.

Me; okay.

E; So... basically i... i was bullied.......i was told i was un loved and ugly, worthless and fat.

she was murmuring this. i could tell she was on the verge of tears.

E; I believed it, i didn't eat. i wore more and more make-up. i covered my skeletal frame in big baggy clothes. i stopped talking to my mum and dad about things. Everyday this would happen. i have scars, emotianal and visible. i have broken wings and a fragile way. i was soaring high above the ground until they dragged me down.

Me; Eloise...

E; But... I... i met this person......he saw through the lies i created, the make-up i wore. he noticed my scars and broke the wall in which i encased around myself. He told me everything i ' deserved' to hear. He told me i was beautiful and that my weight was fine. he told me he cared and that he loved me... He said all this and i thought, that maybe... just maybe i am beautiful and worthy of life. But then people started bullying him. He broke my heart as well as the relationship when he joined in on the name calling. he became one of my biggest fears and nightmares. He was the person i tried to avoid because everytime i looked at him it brought back all the memories and good times. but it also brought back the pain and heartache that he caused. 

She was sobbing know, Violently. I want to hold her in my arms, tell her it will be okay, comfort her and let her sleep in my arms.

Me; Eloise.

E: I have never been called beautiful since then. You may wonder how a girl like me could actually be so broken and damaged but it is surprising how a smile can hide everything from everyone. I may say i am fine but in reality i just want someone to hold me, comfort me and best of all, be there for me.

Me; Can i be that person? Because you are beautiful, you ARE amazing. you make my whole day. I have only known you a week but i want to be that person because to me you are beautiful...

The line went dead. i just sat there staring into space as the reality of things hit me. She needed someone. Someone who wouldn't hurt her. Who could support her and be there for her and maybe she doesn't want that to be me...

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