New girl. - A Justin Bieber fanfic.

Eloise is turning 17 soon.
she has just moved to a new school.
She was bullied previously so she finds it easier to push people away.
She only focus' on Studying and revising.
But will that change when Justin Bieber gets caught up in everything?


33. Cheating?

Eloise P.O.V:

Justin has been in England for about a week now. we keep seeing eachother but it isn't anything.

I still feel guilty though, just the other day i accidently called Trey, Jay. Luckily he didn't notice, well i don't think he did anyway.

*Buzz Buzz*

I picked up my phone from the marble counter in my kitchen.


Feel like coming to the recording studio? xx


yeah sure time you picking me up?


i'll be around two hours? xx


Okay. x

I quickly checked myself in the mirror. My hair was tumbling past my shoulders in jet black waves and my make-up wasn't on. I hoped into the shower and washed my hair and body. when i got out  i blow dried my hair and curled it so black curls swung around my shoulders. i heard Trey walk out of the shower with a towel wrapped around waist sitting on his hips.

He hugged me from behind as i stood in my pyjamas. he kissed my neck gently and turned me around to face him. "We doing something today babe? We haven't in a while" "No sorry baby. I'm going to the recording studio with Justin, help him with some finalization of lyrics and maybe help him with one of his songs." i smiled at him. His expression changed quickly from adoration into, disgust?

"All week you've blown me off for him! I'm sick of it! There must be something going on between you!" His face was twisted with anger as he turned around and punched the wall.

"Oh, Don't you do this! I'm sick of being accused of cheating! i haven't i promise, We are trying to build up a friendship again and that is it! i haven't even fully forgiven him yet." i screamed even louder.

Rose scurried out of the lounge and out of the door, not wanting to be involved in our screaming matches.

"Eloise, i don't know what to think." he said calmly. My pulse rate slowly went back to normal as my breathing steadied.

"I think you should trust me." i walked off into my room slamming the door, he knocked lightly but i ignored it. I put a medium line of eye-liner around my eye and a black shadow over the top. i put on some mascara and put on a black dress that ended just above the knee, it showed off all my curves perfectly. I wasn't making an effort or anything. As i swung open my door i heard Trey walk into my room and shove on his clothes i brushed my teeth and put my phone, keys and money into my purse. When i heard a car pull up i walked down the stairs putting on my black flats. "Trey. i'm going now." i said and waited for him to drag himself out of the room and down the steps i locked the door and dodged a kiss. Knowing Trey was watching i slipped into the car and pecked Justin on the cheek. When i looked back at Trey his fists where clenched and his face, once again, twisted with anger.

Justin's P.O.V:

As we arrived at the recording studio i ran into the little booth inside the recording room. Eloise stood behind the big glass, soundproof windows infront of me. I sang one song over and over again. Trying to get the perfect timings, as it was all mixed up. When i looked at Eloise singing along in her tight black dress and black and green curls she looked beautiful, hot even.

I bobbed out of the booth and we colabarated our ideas together. Eloise and Scooter had the most ideas and when Scooter suggested a duet my face lit up. She shook her head causing her curls to cover her face as she looked at the floor. Thats when i remembered her past. "Don't push her into it." I said softly but loud enough to make people drop it. "Are you sure you don't want to do it?" Scooter asked one last time. "You know what, i will. i'm sick of letting my past ruin my moments. So yeah i'll sing beautiful with him happily." She spoke with determination in her voice. "Okay!"  We both walked into the booth and had the lyrics pinned up infront of us. 

After we finished for the day me and Eloise stayed behind to work on some last minute pitching. We then just sat and talked, Eloise was perched on one of the tables and i was leaning against the wall.

I walked over to her and stood inbetween her legs, i grabbed one of her hands and with the other i played with her hair, wrapping it around my finger.

She pulled her hand from mine and wrapped them around my neck, pulling my face to hers, our lips not meeting until i crashed them onto hers. You tugged at my hair lightly as my hands ran up and down her back. She broke of the kiss put carried on holding me close instead. My fingers ran through her hair as she slowly stood up and walked out of the room. i followed her to my car. "So, You want to go to yours?" i asked her as she looked down at her phone. "Only if you don't want to do something with me?" She asked her eyes looking at me. Say no, spending so much time with her is dangerous. "Can we go on that date now?" i asked her. "Yeah, sure. Where too?" She asked me. "You want to see that new chick flick?" her nose crinckled in disgust. "Ew, no. How about we go to the concert down town?" i nodded.


After Eloise got changed into a pair of black leggings and black crop top we got into my car. Eloise' phone rang for the millionth time but, like everytime, she denied it putting her phone back into her purse. As we arrived i pulled into a car park full of big black cars. My lambourgini stood out from the others with its pristine white colour. We slipped out of the car and walked towards the already crowded and loud building. i walked in behind El to see loads of people packed into a tight space.

The rock band on the stage start singing while everyone dances to the beat. We got our drinks and stood at the side for a bit. after a while Eloise walked off to greet her friend and they started dancing together.

One cup slipped down, then another, then another and another. I felt my body move to the floor towards Eloise. After a while we where dancing, closely, too closey. As we both let the alcohol take over our bodies we stumbled outside. Eloise's phone started ringing and she answered it.

"He- Helloo" She stuttered down the line

"No i'm not drunk, just not sober either" She giggled. Damn her giggle was cute. I realised how much i missed her.

"No, Justin, i don't want to talk to you." Did she just call Trey Justin? My heart was pounding. even in my drunk state love still overwashed me.

"Oh, go away Trey i really cannot be arsed with you."

"Fuck off." She growled down the line and hung up. Chucking her phone into the back of the car. As i started driving and set off down the road.


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