New girl. - A Justin Bieber fanfic.

Eloise is turning 17 soon.
she has just moved to a new school.
She was bullied previously so she finds it easier to push people away.
She only focus' on Studying and revising.
But will that change when Justin Bieber gets caught up in everything?


24. Awake

Lucy P.O.V:

i was on the phone to Niall, i was cancelling on him. we were supposed to hang out later, you know go see a movie and stuff. i haven't seen him in a while though, i want to hang out with Zayn aswell. I want to get to know Zayn better, not Niall as such, that seems like a horrible thing to say but still. Niall was mumbling something down the line when i switched off, i heard a small sigh. i ran into the room with Eloise in, she was sat up in bed her head raised as she inspected a small silver, shiny object in her hand. "Eloise!" i said joyfully yet fear laced my voice as i realised the object in her hand was a blade. "LUCY! Where am i? What happened? Who is here? How did i get here? Why is this blade in my hand?" Eloise gabbled asking continous questions. She looked down her thighs and saw tha scars, tears tumbled down her cheeks as she chocked on her words. i walked up to her and hugged her. "Eloise, i'm sorry..." She looked at me confused, i glanced at her thigh. "Lucy, how long do i have to stay?" She asked me through sobs, her voice made her sound so delicate and light, the total opposite to her true-self. "I will get a doctor?" i asked her as i walked out of the room. i walked up to a man in a white coat and glasses, "How long does my friend have to stay in hospital? She has just woken up." i asked politley. "I shall go and check on her." I went to the cafe and bought some food. i haven't eaten in two days. i didn't feel the need.

Eloise P.O.V:

After Lucy left my phone started to ring, it was my mum.

M- Hello darling.

E- Hey, how did you know i woke up?

M- Hunny, what do you mean?

E- I have just woken up. i have been in hospital for the past two days

M- What?! What happened? did someone hurt you? Who was it? Are you okay?

E- Mum! i'm fine, wait the doctor has just came in, i will have to ring you back okay?

M- Okay darling, don't forget! Love you

E- I won't. Love you too Mum bye

M- Bye.

I pressed the end call button and placed my phone onto the side of the cabinet. "I'm just checking up don't worry i won't be long." The bearded man said to me as he checked the machines around me. He started asking m questions as i tried to zone out.

"Does your head ache?" "No, not really." "Good good... Eye-sight fine?" "Yep can see perfectly." "Excellent! Heavily or finding it hard to breath?" "Nope, breathing is fine." "Brilliant. So i will asses you further later but you seem to be alright and active enough, so far you may be out by tomorrow." He said to me as he took another look at the machines and walked out of the room. I picked my phone back up and rang my mum.

M- Hey Eloise. When will you be out do you know?

E- Most likely tomorrow! Now what was it you wanted earlier?

M- Oh yes, you need to get in touch with your father. He wants to meet up with you while you are still in Canada.

E- No. i am not arranging anything with him, he can ring me becasue to be honest i don't even want to see him

M- Eloise i know you don't want to see him and that is your choice entirly but i gave him your phone number.

E- Okay, Bye Mum

M- Bye El.

i put the phone down and logged onto my twitter, there was no service for my phone anymore so i shifted in my bed without success. I got up, out of bed and felt woozy, my head was heavier my legs like jelly and my eyes where wanting to close. i fell back onto the bd and blacked out.

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