New girl. - A Justin Bieber fanfic.

Eloise is turning 17 soon.
she has just moved to a new school.
She was bullied previously so she finds it easier to push people away.
She only focus' on Studying and revising.
But will that change when Justin Bieber gets caught up in everything?


19. And so he returns.

Eloise P.O.V:

I was in the corner for about 10 minutes before Toby who was stood infront of me turned around and looked into my eyes. "There you are! You little slut. All that you made me go through for pretending wth you!" He ran forwards with his arms infront of me, ready to grab me. i ducked under his arm and ran out of the open door, i heard him groan as he nutted the wall. As he stumbled out of the house i ran, i ran as fast as i could. I went up the road and into the park,  saw him plodding along, to say he was so toned and in shape he couldn't run that fast, he didn't see me and he ran straight past, i watched as he turned the corner before i ran back to the house. "Eloise!" Justin shouted as i ran in exhausted and barely breathing. "You need to hide!" he shouted. "He ran off in the wrong direction so i came back home, where am i too hide?" "The van? Just till the police get round here." i nodded at him and ran into my van i closed and locked the door watching outside. i pulled out my phone and dialled Liam.

L- Hey Eloise. Whats up?

E- Liam! i need you to come around to mine! Like know!

L- why whats happened?

E- i will explain when you get here, Liam please, just come as fast as you can.

L- I've just set off, i will be five minutes Eloise, i promise.

E- Good!

i cut him off and sit still on my bean bag after a while i felt a bang on the van door, shaking i looked through the glass window to see Liams outline. i opened the van door and ushered him in. "Liam he... he's back!" i started sobbing know violently as he held me in his grip. "Who's back?" "Toby, this guy who... he wants to kill me and..." Liam gently rocked me back and forth as i sobbed into his chest, he was shushing me as he ran his fingers through my hair. i was petriefied over what was going to happen. I mean with Justin and that lot.

Justin P.O.V:

"999 whats your emergency."

"I need the police! a guy has come into our house and he is trying to hurt us!"

"What is your address?"

"312 Longing street rf3 tr5"

"The police are on there way."

i hadn't even put my phone away when the door slammed open yet again. He stood hunched over, breathing deeply with a baseball bat in his grip. "I'm seriously going to kill you right know you little slut! i know where you are you little bitch!" with that he furiously swung his bat around the room, smashing a lamp, russain dolls and an ornament. scooter  stood infront of him. "Sir, will you please, leave. the police have been alerted and are coming for you!" He said bravely, i watched as he raised the bat high and swung it around into scooters cheek, slamming him to the ground with a thud. I lost it and lunged for him. "Get the fuck out of this house and into a police cell know!" My cheeks where burning, i knew i really shouldn't curse like that infront of my mum becasue she hates swearing, but i lost all control. he swung for me but i grabbed the bat and chucked it into the room behind me, he lunged for me fists at the ready but i just grabbed it and restrained it. "You little punk! Who do you think you are! Get off of me" i shook my head. with his free arm he punched me in the nose, causing him to bust my lip and brake my nose. "GET THE FUCK OFF OF MY PROPERTY!!" Eloise yelled from behind him, he swung around quickly. Looking around wildly to see where her voice was coming from, he ran outside and straight into and awaiting police officers cuffs. "I WILL get you Eloise! As soon as i am out for the second time i will come for you!" he spat at her before his head was ducked into the car and the door slammed shut. Eloise was in tears at the side off me, i pulled her into my embrace, scared off her safety. "Thank you Justin" she said into my chest.

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