Imagines for anyone if you want one just request it in the comment section!!!!


2. Imagine 2: Niall and Lilly

Lilly and Niall Imagine  :) Hope you like it :) 

     "I hate you!" you say running out of your boyfriends house with tears in your eyes. "Good." he replys. You take your stuff and leave, while speeding away in your car. You look down and you see Niall calling "Hello?" you answer. Niall could tell there's something wrong in your voice he asks "What's wrong?" "Nothing." you sniffle. "I know you're lying Lilly, I'm coming over your house." He hangs up. When you get out Niall is waiting on your door steps, he could tell you've been crying. He hugs you, on the porch. He smelt so good, and he was so warm, his hugs always comforted you. You couldn't help it but cry on his chest. "Shh, everything is going to be fine Lilly I promise you." He says trying to comfort you. "As long as I'm in your arms  Niall." Niall realized that you liked him, and he did something he would never ever do, but he's been wanting to forever since you guys were little..... he kissed you. The rest of the night you guys sit on the porch in the middle of the night staring at the stars, you were so over your ex and you were glad to have a best friend and a boyfriend like Niall. 

The End :) 


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