Nathaniel Carter is a superstar. He is in a so called boyband, that has fans all over the world. This band, is called BroCode. The brocode (Yes, they got the name from Barney Stinson) is important to these four boys. They mean everything to each other, and are more like brothers than friends.
Their manager, Joseph Smith, or as the boys call him, Papa Joe, is the father figure of these four boys. He does everything for them, and loves them all deeply.
They time has come for the boys to go on a tour around the US, but, one problem accurs. Out of no where, Joe brings his 16 year old daughter Melanie, and when Nathaniel, the typical bad boy and player falls for the three years younger girl - Nobody can stop it all from going terribly wrong. If Nathaniel hurts Melanie, he risks to lose not only Joe, but also the band. Is it worth it?


2. Not a stripper

The door opened and Chris walked in with Sam close behind him. They were both dressed for the show, so Nate was the only one not ready to go on stage yet.

"Where have you been?" Jay asked as Chris and Sam came up to Jay and Nate. All four of them stood in front of the mirror, looking and admiring them selfs. 

"We went looking for Papa Joe" Chris said as he pulled his tie a bit tighter around his neck. "We didn't find him though, so I suppose he's not back yet"

"I wanna know what the surprise is" Sam said with a big smiled. Nate laughed and walked away from the mirror, over to the little closet. In there he found his stage clothes. Their stylist, Belle, never let them pick their own clothes for the shows. He didn't really mind though, she knew what they looked good in and what they liked.

"Maybe strippers?" Jay asked looking at Sam. "That would be awesome, wouldn't it?" Nate looked at him, raising his eyebrows. It wasn't someones birthday, so he doubted that Joe would bring them strippers. But a man could dream.

"You're so stupid" Chris said and rolled his eyes. "You only care about three things."

"Drinking" Sam said, as number one.

"Money" Chris continued.

"Sex" Nate said, and both Sam and Chris nodded. "That is number one" Nate then said, making Jays eyes darker. The other three just laughed at him, all knowing that what they'd said was true.

"I care about you guys" Jay said with a false smile. "And our fans, and our music"

"If you could only choose one thing?" Chris asked, walking away from the mirror over to the couch. "What would you choose. Drinking, money, sex or us?"

Jay looked at all three of them, one at a time, then a big smile covered his face. "Joe!" He said happily. The other guys looked at each other, thing that he had gone mad.

"Joe wasn't one of the alternatives" Sam said with a sigh. 

"No, I mean Joe!" Jay explained, pointing at the door. "Papa Joe"

The other three turned around to see Joe standing there by the door with a big smile on his face. "Hello boys" He said, walking in to the room.

"What's the surprise?" Sam asked immediately. Joe laughed loud, making all the boys smile at him for no real reason. 

"Boys, I want you to meet my daughter Melanie" He stepped to the side, and a girl who had been hiding behind him appeared. The four guys looked at the girl, then Joe, then each other, and last back at the girl.

"You have a daughter?" Nate asked, watching the girl closely with his eyebrows raised. 

"Yes" Joe said calmly. "And she is gonna stay with us all summer, and come with us on the tour"

"WHAT!?" Jay bursted out, angrily. "You're joking? Please tell me you're joking?"

"Jay stop" Chris said with a harsh voice, then he smiled at Melanie. "It's nice to meet you" He said, shaking her hand. Jay rolled his eyes, but everyone ignored him, though Melanie looked down at the floor. She didn't feel welcomed, at all. - But she did shake Chris hand.

"Our show start in five minutes" Jay said, looking angrily at Joe. "We will talk about this later!" He left the room, closing the door with a bang behind him.

"I'm Nathaniel" Nate said, also shaking Melanies hand. He smiled at her, then hurried after Jay.

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