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6. Liam for Dani

( polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=77622027 wearing that )you and liam were in a big fight and you were now crying outside in the rain. liam had just said that he hated you and never wanted to see you again but once he said that he felt tarible and you were crying at this point. liam runs outside after you and hugs you. "i thought you said you hated me and never wanted to see me again." you snap at him. "dani i am sorry i said that i love you sooooo much." he then picks you up and pushes you up against the wall and kisses you. you kiss him back with passion. he then lifts your legs up and puts them around his waist. "dani i love you dont ever leave me" "ok but you have to prove to me that you love me first." liam then starts to kiss your neck and you start to moan. liam then carrys you up to your room and lays you on the bed. "liam i love you!" he then strips you down and well lets just say that you had a baby 9 months later.
A/N: i hope you liked it dani ♥

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