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13. Harry for Larissa

*Beep Beep* Your phone rings. 

"Hey Lou"

"Hey Larissa Harry here wanted to ask you to our game night harry had to take a wee."

"ok i guess i can i was just gonna take a shower so i can come after so ill see you in like 20 min?"

"ok sounds good see you then love"

As you turn the shower on you start jamming out to One Directions new album "Midnight Memories" and take your shower. Then you put this on :http://www.polyvore.com/lily/set?id=83098036

When you get there Harry answers the door>

"Um hey Larissa long time no see."

You giggle as you hug him,"Hey Haz I missed you so much!"

You guys then walk in and sit down. 

"So what are we gonna do?"

"well we could play truth or dare," Lou says as he smirks evily.

-----------------------------------------2 hours later of intence truth or dare----------------------------------------

"Harry truth or dare," Zayn asks 

"Um dare."

"I dare you to kiss Larissa."

Harry walks over and slowly leans in and kisses you. 

"Harry i love you."

"I love you too"

And that was the beginnig of a beautiful relationship.

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