*Simple love*

A strange encounter with One Direction's Niall may have been just the thing Lily needed.


2. Realization.... and Dinner!!

      I felt someone nudging me. I brushed it off but someone kept on nudging me. " what is it" i said yelling. Anne pulled me to the side. "OMG Lily do you not know who they are" Anne said trying to contain her smile. "No, who" i said. She punched me in my arm. "Lily we both know you know who they are, just look at them" she said. As i turned around  to look, three other guys came running up to Niall and Liam. OMG THEY'RE ONE DIRECTION. What is wrong with me i actually just fought with Niall from one direction and gave attitude to Liam. Just kill me now. I turn back to Anne. " Some friend you are, you could have stopped me" i said. At this point it was too late Anne was in fan-girl mode and her eyes were set on Liam. " wow he looks even hotter in person" she said. " ohh i see how it is, you didn't help your friend because you were to busy staring at Liam" i said yelling but whispering( If that makes any sense to you). I then felt a hand land on my shoulder. " I heard what my friend here did, I'm sorry for what he did, if you want you and your friend there could join us in a meal" Harry said. " umm I'd love too but.." i said getting cut off by Anne nudging me again. " Anne what are you saying" she said in my ear. "of course we love too" Anne said with a smile. "Great" said Harry. We ended up leaving the mall and going to Nandos. Honestly i've never been to Nandos but i couldn't tell them that, especially not Niall he'd probably have a heart attack  as soon as i said it. Anne helped me out though since she's been here before with here parents. " So umm I really am sorry about how i acted before" Niall said. "I guess it's fine now, I already said to forget it ever happened" i said with a smile. "I know but thinking back I must've seemed like a little annoying kid" Niall said. " It's fine after all now you have me to thank for saving you from starving" I said smiling. Niall stared and then started laughing "hahaha i guess your right, well Tanks my life saver" Niall said. I hadn't noticed that the guys and Anne were looking at us. " What?" i said. " OH nothing" they all said in union and smiling. Zayn bent over and whispered something into Niall ears that caused him to blush and look like a tomato.

Niall's P.O.V:

I was having a good time talking to Lily and she seemed like a really fun and nice girl. It's true she's beautiful but after that stunt i pulled at the mall I know she won't like me in that kind of way. I was laughing with Lily so much I honestly forgot we were at Nandos and that i was with the guys. Zayn bent over and said "So Niall you gunna tap that". I blushed at what he said and said "I'm going to the bathroom". How could Zayn do that, I must've looked so red in front of Lily. I went into the bathroom and saw my face. Zayn is such a jerk, but he got me thinking. Do I like her? I just don't know, it's too soon to tell but I know there's something.

Zayn's P.O.V:

I guess i probably shouldn't have said that to him at that moment but it was too tempting to resist. I was happy though, I was worried he wouldn't get a girlfriend and now we can all go on dates. I'm pretty sure he would've reacted differently if he wasn't staring at her when i said it. Got me wondering what he pictured. "umm is Niall okay, his face was pretty red when he left" Lily said. " Who knows maybe he ate too much, you know Niall always eating a lot" i said. " oh" she said looking down at her plate. I saw Niall coming back so I nudged Harry. I whispered into his ear " Hey you want to help out a close friend of ours and get him a date with Lily" I said. Harry just smiled meaning he already had a plan.

Harry's P.O.V:

Zayn told me he wanted to get Niall and Lily together which kind of bummed me out since she's hot, but if my friend likes her I'll back off. I thought of a way to get Niall to open up though, I know for a fact Niall will act unconsciously if he's really jealous. 

Niall's P.O.V:

I walked back to our table and Harry was sitting next to Harry. I pulled up a chair and sat on the other side of her. "oh your back" Lily said smiling. " Yeah" i said. I then saw Harry put his hand on Lily's cheek. " ohh you had a piece of mash potatoes there" Harry said. Oh please oldest trick in the book. "Really, I'm so embarrassed" Lily said cleaning her mouth with a napkin. Ugh don't tell me you felt for it you obviously didn't have anything on your cheek. " Niall what's wrong" Lily asked. "huh, oh nothing" I said. "Are you sure you keep staring off into space and haven't finished your food" Lily said. Was i staring into space and why am i so mad. Does this mean I'm jealous. Does that mean I really fell for Lily without noticing. In the 2 hours i've spent with her, could i have really fell for her. I just don't know but for some reason I feel if I keep her any closer to Harry I will regret it.

Lily's P.O.V:

Niall has been acting strange ever since he got back from the bathroom. Earlier he was literally stealing my ice cream and now he doesn't even touch his food. Anne signaled me to go to the bathroom. "um i'm going to the ladies room" I said. "I'll join you" said Anne. When we got into the bathroom Anne started giving me a sly smile. "I'm hear trying to figure out how to approach Liam and your there being fought over by two guys" Anne said. "What are you talking about me, they don't like me" I said. "Lily it's not like you haven't dated before, well I guess it's been a long time but have you forgotten what flirting looks like" Anne said. "NO,but i know that they don't like me and not for a fact two boys from One Direction" I said. "You look down on yourself too much, you don't even notice how beautiful you are, Liam hasn't even noticed me" Anne said starting to feel sad. *sigh* "Anne trust me your more beautiful and if Liam hasn't noticed you then that's his lost because he might have just missed his chance to be with an amazing girl" i said with a smile. Anne hugged me and said " Thanks but i would like it if i could just get him to notice me" Anee said. "Listen" i only managed to say before she cut me off saying " Just forget it, lets go before they worry" Anne said leaving the bathroom. As we walked towards the table i knew I had to help her someway. Liam was sitting at the end of the table and I took the great opportunity and tripped Anne. Anne was about to fall when Liam quickly rushed to stop her from falling.

Anne's P.O.V:

I was lost in thought when out of no where someone tripped m and i was about to fall when someone helped me. I felt someone's arm around my waist. He then pulled me up. "Are you okay Anne" Liam said. "Yeah i am thanks to you" i said putting my hair behind my ear. "Thank god" Liam said. "but Liam you have some quick reflexes" I said. he laughed a little "I guess i do, i unconsciously helped you" Liam said. " Oh" i said bummed out that he didn't mean to save me. "NO, i didn't mean it like that.. I.. I mean without noticing i was already saving you on instinct" Liam said. I started to laugh because he was so nervous. " It's okay i know what you meant" i said giggling. I sat back down and stared at Lily with a murderous look. I texted her. *What the hell was that why'd u trip me?* I quickly got a text back. * You should be thanking me, I got you to talk to Liam didn't I!!*. *And what if Liam didn't save me then I would've landed flat on my face so embarrassed*. *That was something i was willing to risk, hey but it went as i planned didn't it*. * Most friends would just strike up a conversation for both of us to talk about*. * Well sweety Pie, I'm not like most friends, I'm your best friends and best friends will risk you looking like a fool in order for you to be happy*. Lily looked up at me with a cheesy smile. I stared at her still angry but then i sighed and gave in. * Can't stay mad for long, you know my weakness, well thanks Lil' ur the best*. *I know ; P*.

Anne P.O.V:

Hehehe I knew She wouldn't stay mad at me for long. "So Lily how'd you like the food" said Harry. "oh it was great thanks for asking" i said. " So Niall are you fee.." i only managed to say as i saw him digging into his food. Niall looked up at me " What?" He said. " Nothing, i'm just glad your feeling better" I said with a big smile. Niall smiled and went back to eating except this time he ate slower. Finally it was time to leave. i pulled out my wallet to pay for at least Anne's and my portion. " Put it away" said Niall. " huh, but i can't just have a free meal" I said. " Why not i'm having a free meal too,since it's Liam's treat" Niall said with a smile. "OHH thanks buddy for helping me out" said Liam. " you see it's not fine" I said. " It's fine, he's just joking" Niall said while gently pushing me to the door.




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