*Simple love*

A strange encounter with One Direction's Niall may have been just the thing Lily needed.


1. My ICECREAM!!!!!!






My life as we speak is a living hell. Everyday I have to wake up to these stuck-up people who pretend to be my parents when I know all they want is for me to turn 18 and leave their house. My parents died a year ago in a plane crash and while I was sobbing at their funeral the rest of my family were fighting over who was going to take me in. You see I didn't really know anyone from my dad's side and my mom's family always talked junk about her because she married a poor maintenance worker instead of some rich guy who owned a big company. In the end I got stuck in my Aunt Jill's house. She was nice when there was company over but other than that she was straight out mean. She forced me to work, clean, watch her 2 year old while she went out clubbing, and made me pick her up around 2 am because she was too drunk to drive. I loved when company was over I got away with almost anything, like this morning my social worker came over and I told her I was going to the mall with my best friend Anne. She literally said " okay sweetheart, here have $40 and don't worry I'll do the dishes so you can stay out till 10" with a smile. I smiled and walked out the door. Jeez, she could win an award for best actor. Well since I managed to leave the house I decided to call up Anne for real this time and invite her to the mall. I swear I’d take a bullet for that girl, she's been my best friend since 3rd grade and she's been through it all with me. She comforted me when my first boyfriend broke up with me, when I got braces and people started to pick on me, when I once got my head stuck between the bars of the stairs, and even when my mom died. Anne is the only close person I have right now and I appreciate that she puts up with me. Anne ended up coming to the mall with me and we decided to go to Hot Topic first. Anne had to slap me in the back of my head to stop me from going crazy after seeing all the Adventure Time stuff they had. I just love Adventure Time, I don't know why, there's just certain awesomeness to that show. I know, I'm seventeen and I fan-girl over Adventure Time, you’re probably like okay this chick needs a life. Then I'd say if you don't like Adventure Time you got no life and then storm laughing at my great combat. I swear I'm like a total different person once I leave that horrible house. I swear once I reach outside it's like someone just gave me 20 energy drinks in one go. I guess being energetic outside is a way to have fun and forget about where i came from.

“Hey Anne, let's go to the food court and get some Ice cream" I said. “K, race ya" said Anne as she started running toward the escalators. “Hey that's cheating I said running behind her. Anne won so she forced me to buy her an ice cream too. I see now her motives for coming to the mall with me. As I went to stick my ice cream on Anne's face i heard a scream. "Nooooo" said a voice. I looked behind me and a guy came and took the ice cream from my hands. “How could you even think about destroying such a masterpiece" he said. “What’s wrong with you, give me my ice cream back" I said as I tried to get it back but failing. “No, you didn't want it anyways so I'm taking it" said the guy. “your such a weirdo, now give me back my ice cream" I said already mad. "No" he said as he took a big chunk out of the ice cream ruining the perfect swirl. “you jerk" I yelled. Then another guy appeared and slapped the guy in the back of his head. "Niall, i turn my back for one minute and this you did" the man said. Ohh so his name is Niall, wait Niall, why does that name sound so familiar. “I’m so sorry for what he just did, he hasn't eaten anything since yesterday and he's been having a fit since this morning complaining that he's hungry" he said. “Well that doesn't give him the right to steal and eat my ice cream" I said. “Hmph, you were going to ruin it anyways, why should it matter if another person took it and ate it" said the boy apparently named Niall. “Niall, we're in public and this stunt you pulled is ridiculous, if you hadn't run off you would have heard me say that i was going to buy us some food" he said. “Ohh" Niall said looking down at the ice cream and trying to hand it back to me. “Sorry he said, I don't know what got into me" he said embarrassed. I stood there staring at him. Wow you mean to tell you pulled this ridiculous stunt and now you’re really trying to give it back to me. “Liam I'm sorry too, I was just hungry and then I kind of blanked out not having control over my body. The boy named Liam put his hand over his head and let out a big sigh. " umm I guess it's fine now, he already took a bite of my ice cream and it's true i wasn't going to finish eating it so, it's fine let’s just pretend this never happened and he can keep my ice cream" I said. “Really" Niall said with a big smile. "Wow tanks love" Niall said eating the ice cream with no guilt now. I felt someone nudging me. I brushed it off but someone kept on nudging me. “What is it" I said yelling. Anne pulled me to the side. “OMG Lily do you not know who they are" Anne said trying to contain her smile. "No, who" I said. She punched me in my arm. "Lily we both know you know who they are, just look at them" she said. As i turned around  to look, three other guys came running up to Niall and Liam. OMG THEY'RE ONE DIRECTION. What is wrong with me I actually just fought with Niall from one direction and gave attitude to Liam just kill me now. I turn back to Anne. “Some friend you are, you could have stopped me" I said. At this point it was too late Anne was in fan-girl mode and her eyes were set on Liam. “Wow he looks even hotter in person" she said. “ohh i see how it is, you didn't help your friend because you were to busy staring at Liam" i said yelling but whispering (If that makes any sense to you). I then felt a hand land on my shoulder. “I heard what my friend here did, I'm sorry for what he did, if you want you could join us in a meal" Harry said. “Umm I'd love too but. " I said getting cut off by Anne nudging me again.

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