One Direction in Harry Potter 2

It's Haley's second year at Hogwarts. Her summer was horrible but she was excited to see all of her friends. Especially Liam. But something is about to happen that jeopardizes all of it. Everyone is affected by this and everyone has to work together. What happens when only Haley and Albus can stop this evil? Read to find out!


3. Chapter 3

I woke up to the sound of birds chirping. I got up and put on my robes then waited for Shaz, Jess, and Em to get ready. Once they were ready we walked down to the Great Hall with Louis and Niall. I was talking to Jess when someone ran into me. I turned around and faced them. It was Wana. I smirked and she said "Watch where your going mud blood!" She looked at Jess and said "You too!" 

I rolled my eyes and Jess looked down. Niall said "Well at least there not pretending to be somebody their not!" 

She smirked and left. I looked at Niall an said "Thanks Ni." He smiled and grabbed Jessica's hand. Louis took Shannon's hand and I walked with Em. Once we walked into the Great Hall I found Ashley and Zayn was sitting next to her but they were just talking. I looked at Emily and she was thinking the same thing I was. Zayn got up and left then I walked over to her and sat down. The whole time she was smiling. 

I finally said "Why are you so happy?" 

She looked at me and said "Zayn asked me out on a date!" 

I smiled and said "I'm so happy for you!" She hugged me and then we started eating again. 

I was almost finished when Liam came over and sat next to me. He asked me "Haley? Do-do you want to go on a date with me to Hogsmeat?"(A/N I have no idea how to spell that and I'm to lazy to check in the books.)

I looked at him and he looked nervous. I smiled and said "I would love that." I breathed in a sign of relief. I giggled and he kissed my cheek. I smiled and he left. I looked back to see Shannon looking at me. I eye balled her and she laughed. "What?" 

"Haley's got a boyfriend!"

"Oh like you don't have one?" 

"I have one in my own house so I see him all the time!" 

"Oh who cares. Liam's sweet, caring, not to mention responsible. And he loves me." 

"Whatever!" I laughed and finished eating. Then I got up and left with Emily. Harry was waiting outside the Great Hall so I said "Em I will meet you in the common room." I smiled at Harry and walked back to the common room. When I got there I got my books and sat on the couch. Then Emily, Shannon, Ashley, and Jessica came in. They were all smiles. Shannon came over to me and said "My boo bear asked out on a date!" 

"OMG I'm so happy for you!"

Then we started dancing around in a circle. Jess came over to me and said "Ni asked me out too!" I smiled and hugged her. 

Emily came over to me and said "My Hazza said he loved me and we are going on a date with you and Liam!" 

"No way?" I hugged her and we all started dancing in a circle. I can't wait for my date with Liam!

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