One Direction in Harry Potter 2

It's Haley's second year at Hogwarts. Her summer was horrible but she was excited to see all of her friends. Especially Liam. But something is about to happen that jeopardizes all of it. Everyone is affected by this and everyone has to work together. What happens when only Haley and Albus can stop this evil? Read to find out!


18. Chapter 17

A/N Hey guys sorry for the long wait. I've been having a writers block lately and I have been busy with Marching Band. 4TH PLACE AT OUR FIRST COMPITION!!!!!!! So anyway here is my crappy excuse for a chapter.






Haley's POV

I'm scared. We just got to the Screeching Shack. I walked over to Liam. It took everything in me to not cry. Liam hugged me. I whispered "Liam I'm scared."

He kissed my head and said "I am too..."

I hugged him tighter. My dad came over to us. I looked at him "Daddy what are we going to do?"

He sighed "I don't know..."

I walked to the window and looked out at our once great school that was now destroyed. I started crying as I looked. Everything that I loved, all of my favorite memories, were gone.




*To Be Continued*


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