One Direction in Harry Potter 2

It's Haley's second year at Hogwarts. Her summer was horrible but she was excited to see all of her friends. Especially Liam. But something is about to happen that jeopardizes all of it. Everyone is affected by this and everyone has to work together. What happens when only Haley and Albus can stop this evil? Read to find out!


17. Chapter 16

Albus's POV

*The Next Day*

I woke up to someone poking my face. I opened my eyes to see Wana. "Wana?"


"Wana what are you doing here?"

She looked at me and said "Well what do you think?!" I got up and looked around and saw that everyone was awake. I got up and walked over to Haley. I started eating when we heard screaming. Wana said "c'mon we don't have much time!"

I looked at everyone and they were packing up some food and blankets. Then we all followed Wana to the Whopping Willow. Haley stopped "what are we doing here?"

"we cant talk here." She dove into a opening in the ground. We all soon followed her. We landed in a tunnel. We started walking and we ended back in a house. All of the professors were here. We laid our things down. There was a screech. That's when I realized we were in the Screeching Shack...

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