One Direction in Harry Potter 2

It's Haley's second year at Hogwarts. Her summer was horrible but she was excited to see all of her friends. Especially Liam. But something is about to happen that jeopardizes all of it. Everyone is affected by this and everyone has to work together. What happens when only Haley and Albus can stop this evil? Read to find out!


14. Chapter 13

"Wait who are you?" I asked. 

Hermione said "I'm your aunt. You must be Haley." 

"Um hi. How'd you find us?" 

"We were looking and the Room of Requirement opened for us." 

"Oh. So we are hiding here?" 

Mom put her hand on my shoulder and said "Haley we aren't hiding." 

Ron said "We will train you. We will train you to do curses and spells that you haven't learned yet." 

Liam said "Really?" 

"Yeah. Harry taught us here. Now we will teach you guys." 

Harry said "Ok when do we start?" 

Miriam said "Why don't we just rest for today then start tomorrow." We all agreed and I found a bed. I sat down and started playing with my hands. 

Liam sat down next to me. "Haley are you ok?" 

I looked at him and said "What if my dad is dead? I just met him. I can't lose him." 

"You won't Haley! I'm sure..." He was cut off by the door opening. I grabbed his hand and looked at the door. 

"DAD!!!!" I ran over to him and hugged him. He was injured. I helped him over to a bed. I started treating his arm. "What happened dad?"

"I was fighting Tom. One of my spells backfired and hit my arm. Tom got away. I tried to find you guys." I wrapped his arm and walked back over to my bed. Miriam came over with some food. 

"Are you ok Haley?" 

"Yeah I'm just scared." 

"We all are. Trust me we will get through this." 

"Yeah. We will all get through this together." 


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