We Sit

just read it


1. We Sit


We Sit

In a red, white, and blue mound of greed and waste

Watching how awful it must be for "them"

Some of us pray for "them"

In our churches

So we don't feel guilty

Guilty of what we could save

The good citizens even fix baskets for the "them"

To please a god that isn't there

We Work

For men we don't know

So we can get neoteric appliances

That were made by "them"

To cook our comfort food

And when our wavering minds touch down into dark valley

We seek flower and fermented crop

Because we are weak at the prong

And are not better than "them"

But what do I know

I'm a kid

Beardless and unfledged

I have never seen war or had love

Or found any purpose in life

So here I sit.






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